Why are pilots so popular with women

Women in the cockpit

air traffic

by Dyfed Loesche,
Grocery trade in Germany
Tammy Jo Shults is celebrated as a heroine in the United States: The former fighter pilot for the US armed forces brought passengers on a scheduled flight in Philadelphia to the ground after one of the aircraft's engines exploded on the flight on Tuesday and destroyed a window. A passenger was sucked into the window, could be pulled back into the plane by fellow travelers, but died later, according to media reports. Schults was extremely nervous during the incident, as can be heard from recordings of radio traffic with the air traffic controller in the tower.

Women are still rarely to be found in the cockpit. Southwest, the airline Shults works for, is not among the top ten airlines with the most female pilots, with 3.6 percent women. As our infographic shows, United Airlines is the front runner with 7.4 percent women in the cockpit and is above the global average of around 5.2 percent. In second place, according to a publication in the British newspaper "The Telegraph", is Lufthansa with around 7 percent. A total of around 7,400 women perform their duties as pilots.