What brands are considered high-end devices

Leaderboard: The rank and name of the stereoplay

Please note: A sound note does not replace a full test report, and a lot of information about the compatibility of a component can only be found in the respective magazine.

Current devices from this edition are highlighted in yellow for better orientation. The respective classifications apply to the device version that was available on the test date. The current list goes back several years: depending on how long the devices have been on the market.

All prices are recommended list prices of the manufacturer / distributor in Germany and will be adjusted if the editorial team has changed prices. In addition to the sound ratings, you will find some additional information in brackets after the device name.

So read the list

The number of points on the left tells you the sound quality (with several notes: in different modes). The number of points on the right shows the overall result and thus also includes other criteria.

The sound points are compatible within genres. This allows you to compare stereo amplifiers and the analog notes of amplifiers with D / A converters. With different types of boxes and amplifiers (active / passive, full or pre / end) the result is only roughly comparable because different playing partners are assumed.

Price-performance ratio: If this is outstanding or if the device offers a lot, it gets the stereo play highlight (blue cube).

Personal favorites of the editors receive a separate award (red cube).

Rank and name - stereoplay ...

Rank and name - stereoplay 06/2021
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