Why was Big Ben built in London

Big Ben

In the middle of the picture you can see the bright bell tower, the Elisabeth Tower.

Big Ben is the name of a landmark in London, the capital of Great Britain. Many people think of it as a tower of the building. This bell tower is actually called the Elisabeth Tower, named after Queen Elisabeth the Second. The building is where the British Parliament meets.

The tower is almost 100 meters high and can be visited, but only if you are a resident of the country and have registered. Construction lasted thirteen years and was finished in 1859. Back then, the Gothic style was once again found to be very beautiful, and the parliament building was also built in this way.

In reality, Big Ben is not the tower, just a bell in it. It is the thickest of the four. It was named after someone who had the first name Ben or Benjamin: "Big Ben" means Big or Fat Ben. One is not sure whether the name comes from a famous boxer at the time or from an engineer.

UNESCO declared Big Ben a World Heritage Site in 1987.

  • A picture from 1858, with the Big Ben bell

  • The parliament building from the other side of the river, on the right is the bell tower

  • Cleaning the dial: the minute hand is over four meters long.