How much quieter is a suppressor

Quietly! B&T RBS Reduced Backpressure Suppressor

As sensible as the use of silencers in police and military use is, the escape of the retained gases from the ejection window is irritating for the shooter and has disadvantages in combat. B&T successfully solved this problem back in 2013 when designing the MP9 silencer with a low-pressure expansion chamber. Since with large numbers of shots with assault rifles or machine guns the gases expelled backwards make it difficult for the shooter to breathe, B&T has now transferred the principle of the low-pressure expansion chamber to silencers for long guns. The RBS signature damper significantly reduces the combustion gases emitted from the ejection port. The low-pressure expansion chamber increases the size and weight of the damper only minimally compared to conventional dampers, while muzzle flashes and noise are suppressed just as well as with the proven B&T dampers.

The RBS is available in caliber 5.56 (.223) - above - and 7.62 (.308) - in the lead picture - each in a directly mountable version for various muzzle threads as well as with a newly developed quick-release fastener suitable for all NATO A2 fire extinguishers.

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