What are the principles of Sunni Islam

Sunnis and Alevis in Turkey

Mother-Daughter Relationships in Migration pp 21-49 | Cite as


The Turkish term Sünnilik ("Sunnitism"; also translatable as "Sunnitum" and "Sunnismus") is derived from the Arabic word Sunnah, which denotes the collections of the traditions of the Prophet Mohammed and his written words and deeds in the Koran, the holy book of Islam. Under a Sünni ("Sunni", "Sunni", "Sunni", "Sunni") (pl.Sünniler) In this context, in the Sunni religious community, a person is understood who lives and acts according to the teachings of Muhammad. The prevailing understanding of faith in Sunniism is bound by fixed principles. According to him, the rules established by the prophet are regarded as unchangeable, irrevocable and indisputable. The Sunni religious community is often referred to in the literature as Orthodox Islam. The Sunnis in Turkey belong to the Islamic school of law "Hanafi" (hanefi). I will go into more detail on Turkish Sunniism in subsection 2.2.

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