I'll save money by going green

Simple tips for saving: get along better with your income

Really well insured!

When exploring potential savings, insurance coverage should also be put to the test. Occupational or disability insurance as well as accident insurance may prove to be superfluous in individual cases. And there are significant differences in premiums for private liability or household contents policies from the various insurance companies, so that a price comparison is worthwhile!

Cover healthcare costs

Keep all receipts for co-payments for medical services (co-payments for prescriptions for prescription drugs or for hospitalization)! If the load limit of two percent of the gross annual income (minus allowances for spouses living in the household) is exceeded, an application for exemption from the statutory co-payments can be submitted to the health insurance company - anew for each calendar year - with these "receipts" . With the corresponding certificate from the health insurance company, nothing more has to be paid for medical services for the rest of the year. For the chronically ill, the legislature has set the burden limit for co-payments at one percent of the gross annual income. Detailed description of this.

Save on pills and ointments

Imitation products (so-called generics) are usually considerably cheaper than the well-known original medicinal products that require a prescription. Many mail-order pharmacies point directly to inexpensive generics. It is also advisable to ask the pharmacist on site about these copycat drugs, unless he draws attention to them himself.

Non-prescription drugs such as headache and flu remedies or creams for joint complaints, which are only available in pharmacies without a doctor's prescription, are no longer reimbursed by statutory health insurances - with a few exceptions - but the patient has to pay for them entirely out of his own pocket. There are no fixed prices for these preparations, so it is worth comparing prices at stationary and internet pharmacies.

Reduce energy costs

Many households still obtain electricity at the expensive standard tariff (basic supply) from their supplier. A simple and easy change to a cheaper tariff from the respective municipal utility can save up to 150 euros and more per year on the electricity bill, for example.

By the way: The cost screw in terms of electricity can also be turned in a few simple steps. You can easily save 80 euros a year if the plug is pulled in the case of secret power guzzlers. For example, televisions and receivers in stand-by mode consume energy just as unnecessarily as cell phone chargers that are energized, even when the phone is charged. Even with washing, drying, cooking, cooling and freezing, energy thieves can be stopped by simple tricks.

Don't look at the radio license fee

If you only have a low income, you can be exempt from the fees under certain conditions. Anyone who does not receive social benefits because their income exceeds the respective requirement limit can apply for an exemption from the broadcasting fee as a special hardship if the excess is less than the amount of the monthly broadcasting fee. For the exemption, the submission of a negative performance notification from the respective social authority is required, from which it must be clear that the requirement limit has been exceeded by a maximum of € 17.50.

Crack account management costs

When checking expenses, account management fees should also be taken into account. A number of banks offer free salary accounts - without further conditions such as a minimum amount of money.

In addition to the monthly basic price, you should also check whether there are enough ATMs nearby. Because withdrawing from other machines with amounts of up to 7.50 euros can cost a lot of money and the savings in account management can quickly melt away again. And not only the basic fee, but also the fees for individual services such as transfers, etc. should be compared.

Become a price fox

The price comparison is also worthwhile when shopping for daily needs. And on the shopping list it should be stated that one does not blindly trust the note "special offer". Because what counts as an offer in one business may be even cheaper in another as a "permanent low price".

You should also look for the "Bückwaren", which are often offered cheaper on the lower shelves. In addition, foods on the edge of the best-before date are often on offer at reduced prices. For fresh produce such as vegetables, fruit or baked goods, retailers allow themselves to be talked about a price reduction towards close of business. A solid household course controls who plans meals for a week in advance and then makes a shopping list. This not only avoids having to throw away superfluous stocks of expensive food, but you can also plan creative and cost-saving "use of leftovers".