Xbox Live collects taxes

Argentina will start levying taxes on digital goods from June 27th! Hurry up for the good deals!

Bad news for the weekend and just before the upcoming E3. As it currently seems, Argentina will also levy taxes of 21% on digital goods such as Netflix, Spotify and digital Xbox games from June 27th. So you better hurry up if you want to benefit from the good prices beforehand. After that, Argentina will likely get pretty uninteresting.

Even if you buy a pre-order with a credit card now, you will in any case save on taxes, even if the money is only debited shortly before the release. Because the bill is already there. The only thing is that you are not protected against currency fluctuations. So far, Argentina has been going down in recent years because the peso is becoming less and less valuable. So it's like a little bet. However, since the peso exchange rate cannot suddenly rise again rapidly, the only possibility is that there is a price correction in the store (as before in Russia or South Africa). However, if you bought the game beforehand, this does not affect you. You pay the price (in pesos) that you should have paid at the time of purchase. So, in my opinion, the risk is very limited. Of course, the price can continue to fall until the end of the year, or the euro rate (in relation to the dollar) can continue to rise, so that the game becomes cheaper when the money is withdrawn. One does not know. But if so, then probably the latter.

I will update the country tooltip with the display of tax information, etc. shortly so that the 21% taxes are also displayed here. I may show another price for countries with the same tax rates (i.e. not US and Canada) that shows the final sales price. This often makes it more transparent.

UPDATE: In the meantime it has been confirmed to me from several quarters that this change is really happening. In the source you can also read a statement from the government if you can speak Spanish. (Four people from Argentina have independently confirmed this message to me)

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UPDATE # 2: I have adjusted the information in the article because the deadline is June 27th as I was told. Unfortunately, this was not always communicated correctly in advance, even in the Argentine media.