Facial piercings for men What is your opinion

This is how women think of tattoos and piercings in men

Men with piercings need to be strong now: women prefer partners with tattoos. This is the result of a study by the website Ellipticalreviews.com. The female sex thinks it is best (76 percent) if one does not wear any body jewelry, but is not completely averse to it.

Tattoos on the face a no-go?

With tattoos, it all depends on the spot: With tattoos on the upper and lower arm, men are largely on the safe side. Around 52 percent of women find arm tattoos on men really good. Around 25 percent are neutral and only around 23 percent reject them. According to the survey, this makes the men look attractive, but also a little intimidating.

On the other hand, the situation is significantly different with tattoos on the face - these tend to put off most women. 49 percent of the women surveyed reacted negatively to the face jewelry, less than 30 percent thought it was good.

Piercings? D rather not!

The topic of piercing meets with just as restrained reactions: around half of women clearly reject the lip ring in men, only 27 percent think it is good. With the nose ring there were even more than 60 percent negative reactions and only around 16 percent approval (the rest of the respondents were neutral in each case). The same applies to tunnel piercings in the ear. The ladies apparently find it even more unattractive when men wear more than one body jewelry - 70.7 percent perceive the combination of piercings, tattoos, etc. as not positive.

Little enthusiasm for hipster hairstyle

The so-called "man bun" does not fare well either: 51 percent of the ladies are against the popular men's braid - and only around 24 percent find it attractive.

Should the statistics unsettle us?

A clear no: Men with facial tattoos, piercings and man buns can also be confident about their look. Because even if the majority of the women surveyed tend to reject these looks, the study also shows that a smaller one but A significant part of the women’s world finds these styles attractive - and possibly even more so than men with body jewelry. So the chances of finding the woman of your dreams don't have to be worse!

What men are into women

By the way, Ellipticalreviews.com turned the tables and asked men about their preferences: The male gender also prefers the natural body (64.6 percent). But they are not completely averse to breast implants (63.9 percent) and tattoos on the arm (52 ​​percent).