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Men's wardrobe basic equipment: Tips for building men's clothing

8. The tie

An elegant accessory. What is to be considered? How is a tie worn? What materials, shapes, colors and patterns are there?

Where does the word tie come from?
Croatian soldiers used to have bandages around their necks. From this the French “à la croate” later became the word Cravatte. The tie used in German used to refer only to their ends.

The most common material is silk, but there are synthetic fibers, cotton, linen or even leather ties. The fabrics are printed, woven, crocheted and can be embroidered.

Colors and shapes
Everything is possible in terms of color. A red tie shows energy and attracts attention. Blue is calm and classic. Club ties are striped - incidentally, in Europe they rise towards the face (from the left), in the USA they fall. Paisley or all-over patterns can be combined very well.

The width can be very different. An exclusive choice would be a “seven fold tie”. Modifications of the classic tie would be a plastron, which is worn for festive occasions such as weddings. A tie scarf that is worn under an open shirt would be looser.

How do you tie the tie?
Tie it yourself, prefabricated Tie buttons are a "no-go". Close all shirt buttons and knots depending on the shape of your collar and your taste. Length of the tied tie exactly to the belt buckle.

Beards can be dimmed off silk ties. There are also ties with stain protection. Otherwise in the cleaning. Tie not tied in the box.