What is a performance invoice

Pro forma invoice: what is it?

Advance invoice, final invoice, return credit - we know everything. But one Pro forma invoice occurs much less often. But that doesn't always have to stay that way. Because many companies have more and more customers in non-EU countries. And the pro forma invoice is required for that - at least sometimes.

Difference to a conventional invoice

Although the pro forma invoice has the word “invoice” in it, it is not an invoice. Because there is a huge difference between pro forma invoices and conventional invoices: With a pro forma invoice, you challenge your customers not to pay for a good or service.

The pro forma invoice is just a receipt for goodsthat have been delivered to the customer or prospect. Therefore it should not be confused with a commercial invoice or an export invoice. Because this is only issued for goods with a commercial value.

What is a pro forma invoice used for?

So write a pro forma invoice if you Goods of no commercial value want to send. These include, for example:

  • Sample deliveries
  • Gift shipments
  • Replacement deliveries or warranty cases
  • donate
  • Goods that are not intended to be resold
  • Deliveries against prepayment

The pro forma invoice serves primarily as a Proof for customsto prove the value of the goods.