Who loves Pisces men the most

Men, Fashion and the Stars - Pisces (February 20th to March 20th)


February 21, 2021

After we started the new year with »Aquarius in our last post, we now devote all of our attention to Pisces, the twelfth sign of the zodiac. Are you a Pisces yourself or do you know someone who was born between February 20th and March 20th? Then some of the following traits will be familiar to you.

The male Pisces are jumpy contemporaries - in many ways: While the Pisces prefer to be completely to themselves one day, the next they want to feel as much security and love as they can be shown. Harmony in the circle of friends and family or in the partnership are the top priority for the Pisces man, which is why he avoids conflicts as far as possible. We will familiarize you with the characteristics of the more introspective watermark and tell you where the Pisces man fits in in the fashion world. Be curious!

Style check

The Pisces man is not too decisive and likes to keep several options open. In terms of fashion, it is sometimes daring and extravagant, then again simple and reserved. »Comfortable knitwear does justice to his individual clothing style and preserves his stylistic flexibility. Vests, sweaters and cardigans are as reliable and straightforward in design as the male fish! The high-quality knitted items from BABISTA are extremely comfortable to wear and are ideal everyday companions.

Color check

The element of the male fish is clearly the water as the primary substance of all life and the color they like to orientate themselves on natural, fresh colors like »blue and» green, as well as muted »earth tones. Basic shirts in these colors can be casually combined and easily integrated into the casual chic of the Pisces man.

Fabric check

As a very sensitive and vulnerable contemporary, the Pisces man likes to know what he has. He likes robust quality and high-quality fabrics and goes for classic »cotton sweaters in the closet. The high-quality optics and the pleasant wearing comfort underline the sensitivity of the fish and meet their high demands. The modern designs from the BABISTA collection can be easily worn for any occasion.

Accessory check

The Pisces man likes to express his extravagance with accessories. “Soft scarves protect him from the cold in winter. He prefers optically attractive models, for example in a checked pattern, which create an exciting contrast to the casual chic and skilfully complement his outfit. In our online shop you will find the right models in exactly the right length and shape, with which you can add the finishing touch to your everyday look.

The fish's favorite parts

The Pisces man is sophisticated and his style of clothing is as versatile as he is. He likes to dress high-quality and extravagant, but also likes it serious and uncomplicated, so that he can spontaneously dive into hiding when things get tough.

A »classic cardigan made of virgin wool in a restrained beige is therefore one of the absolute classics in the Pisces man's wardrobe. The trimmings made of imitation leather and Berber fleece adorn the button placket and side pockets and make the jacket a discreet eye-catcher. The high-quality workmanship also provides warmth and comfort.

Furthermore, a comfortable sweater made of pure cotton is an indispensable part of the fish's everyday favorites. »This model with a classic stand-up collar is the ideal compromise between timeless and modern. The muted colors are simple enough not to scare the sensitive fish, while the stripes give it a certain expressiveness.

On other days, the shimmering fish likes to rely on color. A “strong blue sweater is just what he's looking for. The fashionable color gradient makes this model a real highlight in the wardrobe. The soft fine knit and the pure cotton also guarantee a high level of comfort.

You notice: The fickleness of the fish is also evident when it comes to fashion. They are not easy to grasp and just do not like to commit themselves. Pisces men wear what they like and consciously retain a certain flexibility. Just like on an interpersonal level, they have an incredibly intuitive feel for fashion and skillfully use their individual style. A fish likes to move around in familiar waters and show how unique it is with little fashion tricks.