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Trophy hunting: Trump's transparent red herring


The US Wildlife Agency authorizes the importation of elephant trophies shot by big game hunters in Africa. Due to the public outrage, US President Trump makes the matter a top priority. But his intervention is probably just a diversionary maneuver to hide the systematic dismantling of environmental protection.

At the weekend, US President Trump expressed himself in two Twitter messages about the approval by the responsible wildlife authority to import trophies from elephant hunting in Africa. First he wrote that the decision had been suspended for a short time. He would discuss the measure that has been planned for years with his Home Secretary Ryan Zinke.

On Sunday evening, Trump spread a second message that his decision should be announced this week. "But it will be difficult to convince me to change my view that this horror show is in any way helping to protect the elephants or any other animals," said Trump.

These words give hope for animal welfare, but behind them there is nothing more than political calculation, it is a diversionary maneuver. Randi Spivak of the Center for Biological Diversity told the Washington Examiner that this is a public relations stunt to divert attention from the Trump administration promoting logging, fracking, mining and ranching that cause massive damage to public land and destroy critical wildlife habitats .

Largely unnoticed by the global public, Trump Senior has systematically deleted and blocked environmental, species protection, health and climate protection ordinances and measures in the USA. He wants to revive the coal industry, the oil production in the Arctic and in the sea and approved the construction of new oil pipelines. Trump and the chief of the US environmental protection agency (EPA), Scott Pruitt, appointed by him, have lifted or put on hold around 52 environmental standards since he took office.

Trump does not stop at huge nature reserves in the USA and the Pacific, so-called National Monuments. He wants to reduce these and have their protection status lifted in order to open them up for logging, mining and the fishing industry.

Trump's eldest son Donald Trump Junior, who is an avid big game hunter with his brother Eric, is said to have helped get Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke into office, reports US media. Trump Junior heavily influenced his father in the hiring decision for Zinke, writes the Wall Street Journal.

Home Secretary Zinke official policy is to get the people of the United States excited about hunting again. Because according to a survey by the US agency for wildlife, the number of hunters has decreased by 2.2 million people since 2011. His agency falsely sells this as "sport" and cynically claims that hunting is active animal welfare. The fact that Trump is suddenly worried about the import of hunting trophies is therefore not credible.