Why is my period weird this month

If your period comes too early: the 4 most common reasons

If your period comes too early, it can be for a number of reasons. These are the four most common reasons and tips you can do.

It has probably already happened to most women that the cycle gets out of hand. Then the period is late or it is much stronger or weaker than usual. But it can also happen that the period comes too early.

The female cycle lasts on average 28 days. Since the cycle is very individual, it lasts 25 days for one woman and 31 for another. There are fluctuations here and it can happen that your period starts too early. However, if your cycle is consistently shorter than 25 days, it is called polymenorrhea. Both cases can have a variety of causes.

Important:If anything seems strange about your cycle, you should always speak to your gynecologist. Only an expert can really tell you what's going on with your body.

Why is my period too early?

There are many reasons why your period is too early. The following four are particularly common. But that doesn't mean it has to be the case with you. Because in addition to these very simple reasons, a shortened cycle can also indicate a disturbed function of the ovaries. If you're not sure where your shortened cycle is coming from, talk to your doctor.

1. Stress

Stress has an incredibly high impact on our body and therefore also on our cycle. If you are particularly stressed, the body releases certain hormones that can ensure that your period comes early, late or even completely. In addition to the stress in everyday family life or at work, there are also z. For example, sleep disorders are among the factors that put great stress on the body.

In addition to psychological stress, permanent physical stress can also be the trigger. A shortened cycle occurs more often, especially in competitive athletes.

2. Pregnancy

A premature period can also indicate pregnancy. Strictly speaking, it is not your period at all, but the implantation bleeding that is noticeable. This takes place about five to seven days after fertilization. During implantation, blood vessels in the uterus and the lining of the uterus can be damaged and bleeding can occur as a result.

3. Hormonal changes due to menopause or puberty

Polymenorrhea is particularly common during menopause. Due to the hormonal changes that the body goes through at this time, the cycle gets mixed up until the period finally stops.

Conversely, a shortened cycle can also occur in young girls during puberty who are just getting their periods very fresh. Here, too, the hormone chaos is responsible for fluctuations.

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4. You stopped taking the pill

Even after you've stopped taking the pill, the hormones in your body go on a roller coaster. After you stop taking the pill, your body has to get used to functioning without the pill. Now he has to produce the cycle-regulating hormones himself and induce ovulation. This can take a few weeks, but for some women it can take months for the cycle to return to normal.

What to do if your period comes too early?

The most important thing is not to worry if your period comes too early on one or more occasions. A shortened cycle does not have any bad consequences. At most, you might become iron deficient, as the shorter cycle makes your periods more frequent.

However, it is a nuisance for many women if the shortened cycle makes their periods more frequent than they already are. This is why it is so important that you talk to your gynecologist about your cycle.

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