What is your favorite video game series

I come to your favorite video game with Ā»GenderĀ«

Since I was a child, I've played and loved "The Legend of Zelda". On the very old Game Boy from 1989 you could imagine the hero Link as a long-haired heroine because of the funny pointed hat and the gray-scale image. In my childish imagination, which did not yet know so much about the rules of the real world out there, that was obvious. But the misogyny on which the story was based diminished my enjoyment of the game, the more I understood what was actually going on in the land of Hyrule.

There is of course the annoying old idea that has been rewarmed with almost every Zelda title since the eighties: Princess Zelda, the young, hot old woman, has once again managed to be kidnapped by the Obergauner Ganondorf. He happens to be a member of a desert people, has a brownish-green skin tone and a noticeably large nose. A few years ago, the media critic Anita Sarkeesian once again pissed off the boys of the international gaming community because she pointed out the most banal things about Zelda: The series follows, also with the latest title from 2017, "Breath of the Wild" ( Nintendo Switch), unnecessarily the misogynous stereotype of the maiden in distress ("damsel in distress"), which must be saved with the right manpower.

Even if Princess Zelda has gained certain magical abilities and power over the years or can suddenly kick the bad guys in the ass herself in "Ocarina of Time" (Nintendo 64, 1998) disguised as a man (!), I have to go into the current title once again hear her whispering for help in a "sexy" girl's voice. Annoying, but I've got used to it. But "Breath of the Wild" manages to add another shovel to the pile of shit.

The Gerudo people, from which Ganondorf also descends, is a gender consisting largely only of girls and women among the Hyrules peoples. So we are allowed, na logo, to put into practice the eternal male fantasy of intruding into a women's space, because the Gerudos do not tolerate men in their city. Our noble concern to save the world justifies our accepting the help of lower creatures: An evil stereotype of a transgender woman as a "man in women's clothes" who regularly enters the forbidden zone presents us with a belly dance outfit with a face veil.

In Gerudo town itself, we then meet the Gerudo women, who are over two meters tall and almost all look the same: spindly, muscled, wasp waist, clothes like from a porn movie. How women are "real" to one another when, under male observation, they do not pretend to be frigid brakes on fun. However, we see through the ladies' masquerade because we pretend to be one of them. And what do such women talk about "among themselves"? About cute men, of course! The Gerudo women manage to be infinitely heterosexual (every girl is thrown out from a certain age in order to "find a man" out there) and to notoriously comment on Link, whom they consider a young Hylian woman, to be sexual. So just so horny as a lesbian that men have no reason to believe that they are not meant at all. The gerudos are physically superior and armed to the teeth, so they symbolize everything that is threatening and punishing in the opposite sex, but in turn can be sexually exciting. The appreciation of the male ego consists in conquering such a woman so that one can gain access to her body but escape her anger.

Rumors say that the sequel to "Breath of the Wild" will appear in 2021. How about, this time Princess Zelda is chopping the monsters between Death Mountain and Forgotten Forests, while Link is waiting sexy in some mangy dungeon for his rescue?

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