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10 French singers and bands you should know about

1. Christine and the Queens

Christine and the Queens is a music project founded by Héloïse Letissier in 2008. It combines indie pop with some elements from synth and electro pop and has been highly valued for several years now. Her texts are in either French or English and her clear pronunciation makes it very easy to understand everything. She remains true to the well-known French stereotype and keeps her texts relatively dark and pessimistic, but at the same time very poetic. Their live performances contain many theatrical elements and are well worth a visit!

Hear Christine from Christine and the Queens

2. La Femme

When talking about French bands, La Femme cannot be missing. This is a French rock band whose members come from Biarritz (south-west France), Brittany, Marseille and Paris. Their sound is strongly influenced by cold wave and surf music and is reminiscent of Velvet Underground, Kraftwerk and Blondie. Her live performances are very electrifying. It is impossible to overlook her punk attitude, and yet her lyrics are reminiscent of the innocence of old French pop songs from the 60s. In short: La Femme are a really fascinating group that deserve your full attention!

Listen to La Femme by La Femme

3. Fauve

The spoken word genre has already been revived by artists such as Grand Corps Malade, but FAUVE manages to open the genre to a younger audience. In their texts, they deal with topics that appeal to teenagers and young adults: heartbreak, the meaning of life, planning for the future, dealing with the expectations of others, work, dealing with the anonymous life in big cities and much more. Their popularity has grown thanks to social media where they have built a solid fan base. The use of musical instruments, reduced to the bare essentials, and the melancholy atmosphere of their songs are also typically French.

Hear Nuits Fauves from FAUVE

4. Yelle

With the combination of contemporary electronic music and 80s-inspired singing, Yelle have been on the road for 10 years now. The singer is accompanied by the well-known producer Grand Marnier, who perfectly manages to emphasize her lively mood and lyrics. Yelle are also quite popular in non-French-speaking countries, although they do not write songs in English. The singer feels that she cannot express herself equally well in a foreign language. Their light pop songs are guaranteed to lift your spirits, and you won't be able to help but sing along.

Hear L’Amour Parfait from Yelle

5th Brigitte

Brigitte is an indie folk duo that released a platinum album in 2011 and has been extremely popular ever since. Her name alludes to other famous French women such as Brigitte Bardot, Brigitte Fontaine and Brigitte Lahaie. They evolved from boho chic to a style that is more influenced by disco music and feminism. Many of her songs are dedicated to female emancipation, especially when it comes to relationships and love. We are sure that you will love their bittersweet pop songs. So, listen to Brigitte!

Ma Benz hear from Brigitte

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