Any advice for the junior year 11th grade

Reading tips from student to student

"The book" Percy Jackson under the spell of the Cyclops "is about the young Percy, who lives in America today and is in the 7th grade there. He is a special boy because he is a half-breed; that is, his Mother is a person and his father is a god. School is again not going well, because he is attacked more often by mythical creatures. The blame when the whole gym is blown up is again put on him. Therefore He has already flown from eight schools. He has most of his friends in a holiday camp, especially for half-bloods. There he also learns that he has a brother. A half-brother (Tyson) who is not entirely normal :: A Cyclops (a one-eyed Monster)! He also learns that there is a prophecy: In the past the world was ruled by titans. The leader of them was the titan Kronos. He was so cruel that he even devoured his own children. But the three brothers of the gods Zeus, Poseidon and Hades managed to get the titan win. But a child of one of these three gods would destroy or save the house of God (Olympus) if he tried to prevent Kronos from being resurrected. So the brothers decided not to have any children. But Percy and Tyson are sons of Poseidon.

The main topic, however, is that the tree that protects the camp was poisoned by Percy's former friend Luk. It is also Luk who tries to get the Golden Fleece to revive the Titan Lord Kronos. Because the fleece could heal everything in the world. It is in the sea of ​​monsters, on an island of a giant cyclops. Percy, Tyson and his friends, but also Luk, set off there.

Who will find the fleece first? Will the Prophecy Be Fulfilled? If you want to find out, just read the book yourself! "

(Matthis, 6th grade)