Is Death Note a good anime

5 reasons why you have to see the classic anime Death Note!

Even after more than 10 years, the action thriller Death Note has still established itself in the minds of anime fans and is considered an undisputed classic. If you are still brand new to the anime world or have not yet managed to get through to a DN session, we have 5 reasons for you to give Death Note a chance!

Only yesterday it became known that Death Note artist Takeshi Obata was working on a brand new chapter of the successful manga, which was actually completed in 2006, works.

But the story of Light Yagami and could not only be in black and white deadly notebook draw numerous fans under their spell, even as in the world of Japanese animation, Death Note is considered a top title, the hype of which does not seem to be over even after 13 years.

In keeping with the current German HD release, we have decided to give the Death Note grouches among you five good reasons to dive into the world of investigators and Shinigami! Alternatively, you can watch the series on Anime on Demand or Netflix.

Death Note is… addicting!

The story concept of Death Note is as simple as it is ingenious. The story takes you into the life of the young Light Yagami, who one day picks up a mysterious notebook in the schoolyard. Those whose names are entered on this one expects nothing less than naked death.

The »Death Note« once belonged to Ryuk, the god of death, who, bored of his work, dropped the notebook over the human world. With this tremendous power In his hands, the megalomaniac Light aims to bring all criminals to the cold hand of death, to clean up the world and thus to become a divine being. Too bad that the exceptionally talented investigator L stands in his way, trying to shed light on the mysterious series of murders in a tactical game of cat and mouse.

The story of Death Note combines classic elements of Japanese mythology (such as the existence of Shinigamis) with typical motifs of a modern American thriller such as police officers and investigators, chases and of course also a good pinch of action!

In the anime, tradition meets modernity and with the Death Note itself creates a fantastic concept that gives the story that certain spice ...

Death Note is ... intelligent!

The characters in Death Note are anything but interchangeable stereotypesbut rather characters with a heart and, above all, a lot of brainpower!

Much of the anime is about Lights and Ls complex thought patterns and how the two highly gifted people play off their intelligence against each other. It can be action-packed in between, but a story awaits you to think along with and sometimes to empathize with!

Because the characters all have their own quirks and special character traits that make them special and, above all, indispensable. Anyone who can put one and one together will be able to imagine that the dark theme and dark story demands and many sacrifices in the ranks of the characters more than just a tearful goodbye imminent ...

Death Note is ... high quality!

Star director Tetsuro Araki (Attack on Titan, Guilty Crown) also created a staging masterpiece with Death Note, which combines the qualities of Japanese story-telling and western staging to a breathtaking suspense fireworks display.

The atmosphere is tight throughout, the story exciting and the composition of the picture is anything but left to chance. Almost like a Hollywood film, the 37 episodes fly by in no time and leave a lingering, impressive image.

To some, it might sound like an exaggeration to refer to Death Note as a "work of art," a staging climax of anime history it is without a doubt.

Death Note is… profound

The focus of the story is the question of ultimate justice. L and Kira are two sides of the same coin who both want to put an end to the crime in their own way.

But what gives Kira the right to judge life and death just because a person is guilty of the crime? And should L really move the prevailing judicial structures, even if they claim numerous victims?

These are just a few of the questions that inevitably float around in the mind of the viewer while watching and Death Note so too more than just an exciting thriller be let.

The anime is a work that would be worth analyzing and not only superficially but also hides motifs and questions in numerous small details, the answer of which only the viewer can find out for himself ...

Death Note is… refreshingly different!

One reason why Death Note is probably one of the number 1 entry-level anime and why it is also well received in the mainstream is that the series implements typically Japanese narrative patterns, however not in the classic anime rut expires.

No googly eyes, no pantyshots and no overdrawn Moe characters - Death Note is grown up, calm and thoughtful. This is not for everyone, but the series stands out refreshingly from the multitude of Moe series that roam through the anime seasons and delivers an anime "that you could also show your parents".

Now it's your turn!

Can you think of any other reasons why Death Note should be on an anime fan's watchlist? Or do you think the exciting Shinigami story is overhyped?

Let us know in the comments!