What is the starting point of programming


In order to give elementary school children their first programming experience, such development environments are available in which graphically designed shapes, so-called blocks, are used. Brief labeling on each block makes its function clear. If you drag it with the mouse into the central programming window and click on it, this leads to a reaction in the figure on the right. So the block "go 10 step" moves the cat a little to the right. This immediate implementation of the individual commands makes initial programming experience child's play.


The program can be run on the Internet. A small tutorial in the application makes getting started very easy.

Scratch can also be installed on your own computer and used offline. The necessary files are made available here.

The language can be adapted to your own needs by clicking on the globe in the header to the right of the scratch logo.

In order to gain a first insight into the program functions as an adult, it is recommended to follow in the following practically how "The House of St. Nicholas" can be programmed:

After starting the program, the cat is deleted from the stage by clicking on the cross in the window on the right. Then the brush (painting) is selected over the round field with the stylized animal head.

This action results in a switch from “Scripts” to “Costumes” on the left and the drawing area is displayed.

A suitable "fill color" is set in the menu, here red. Then the brush symbol is selected in the left menu below and clicked once - as precisely as possible - in the center of the drawing area, creating a red spot.

This spot is shown on the right as "Figure1".

In the next step, the starting position of the planned drawing is determined. To do this, switch to "Scripts" and look for the block "slide to x ... y" in 1 second under "Movement". In the white fields, the value -140 is entered by clicking at x and -150 at y. Then the program block is clicked. A yellow border appears briefly and the point slides to the specified coordinates. This is where you want the drawing to begin and end.

To program the actual drawing process, click on the blue field at the bottom left of the window. A selection menu opens in which the "Paint pen" field must be selected, which displays several options.

The blocks "switch on pen", "set pen thickness to 1" and "set pen color to color" are required. A click in the respective fields makes the desired setting possible. Here the pen thickness "2" and the color "red" were selected.

Now the individual corner points must be defined one after the other.

In order to be able to follow the painting process better, the block “wait 1 seconds” from the menu item “control” is integrated into the programming after each step.

The points that must be approached in sequence (from the starting point -140, -150) are:

x: 60, y: -150

x: 60, Y: 50

x: -140, y: 50

x: -140, y: -150

x: 60, y: 50

x: -30, y: 160

x: -140 y: 50

x: 60, y: -150

In order to be able to repeat the program at any time, everything must be reset.

So that this happens unnoticed, the block "hide yourself" is built in from the menu "Appearance". The block "slide 1 sec. To x: -140 y: -150" leads back to the starting point. The traces of paint are removed "delete all". At the end the red spot with "show yourself" is shown again.