Training in Chennai


Brief description:

project goal

The aim of the project is to develop a vocational training program for wood technology in Chennai, in southeast India, and to prepare for its scaling.

expected results

- Functional, modern training center created in Chennai

- 25 trained young people per year

- 25 mediated jobs per year

- Completed preparation of the scaling of the training concept


target group

The target group of the economic partnership are initially young people from Chennai who come from poor backgrounds. They should be able to train at the Don Bosco Technical Center. For this purpose, a new branch of training will be created in the existing center, which will develop over time from a simple skills training to a certified multi-year diploma course. This is linked to the development of capacities on various levels.

However, furniture manufacturers in India also benefit from the project by employing the graduates and thus being able to manufacture higher-quality furniture and sell it at a better price.

background information

The applicant is Felder KG, a Tyrolean family company that has been operating in India since 2000. 3,500 wood processing machines have already been sold in the country, but the knowledge for the professional operation of the systems is largely missing. It is therefore in the interest of all those involved to build up this know-how.

Part of the project is also to transfer the model developed on the basis of the pilot project in Chennai to other Don Bosco centers, but also beyond (to other countries and other training institutes). Certification by the responsible government agency is sought.


Project number 2550-08 / 2017
Secondary education sector
Modality Project-type interventions