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London at a low price: food, fun & wellbeing

In London it is notoriously difficult to be economical on the road, which is why you will also need our budget guide to find tips on free things to do: After all, the best things in life are free (or at least cheap).

You can find more economical travel tips in Part 1 of our budget guide for London.

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1. Feast your way through the street food menu

To eat cheaply in the British capital, you don't have to eat baked beans and HobNob cookies every day - although you should definitely try these quintessentially English specialties.

In the markets all over London there are more and more food stalls that are currently revolutionizing the food culture, where you can now see food boxes, paper bags, and no longer just juicy prices:

Discover delicious Vietnamese pho soups and salads at Banhmi11, indulge yourself with delicacies from the stone oven at Pizza Pilgrims, which are prepared in the back of a three-wheeled scooter, or get a Mexican burrito from Das Burritos. There is plenty of choice so be sure to be very hungry.

Started as a small initiative by chefs near Kings Cross Station, these street food stands can now be found everywhere. Visit the passage north of Kings Cross between Tuesday and Friday to enjoy hearty bhangra burgers, delicious ribs, sweet bites and even schnitzel and sauerkraut.

The partially covered Brixton Market is THE place to experience the vibrant street food culture that has blossomed in recent years. On Thursdays and Fridays you can enjoy food with music: cooked dumplings according to Penkinger style, oriental specialties or the most incredible Thai food are part of this explosive culinary experience.

Last but not least, indulge yourself with a typical British pie: there are Scottish eggs, pork and apple pies, flan tarts and much more. You can find them at White Cross Market on Thursdays and Fridays and at Broadway Market in Hackney on Saturdays.

2nd day in the museum

Cheap sightseeing is a breeze in London as many of the city's cultural centers are free to explore. The British Museum is home to artifacts and masterpieces from around the world; the Natural History Museum has a fascinating collection of prehistoric finds; expand your knowledge in the Science Museum or head to the V&A for a dose of art and design. And none of these museums will cost you a single penny.

Roof at the British Museum - Paul Stevenson

3. Long hair and tight cash?

Usually, a visit to the hairdresser in London will cost you a fortune. A clever way to freshen up your style and get the feel-good kick for free or very cheaply is to visit a salon with trainees - here are a few. You don't need to be afraid: who dares wins.

4. Gigs for free

There are endless ways to listen to street musicians on the London Underground for an optional donation. But be warned - enjoying music here is hit and miss: if you don't want to risk the singer on the Covent Garden stairs sounding less like Beyoncé and more like a flop at X-Factor, check out this list of Time's free gigs Out.

5. Go easy on your wallet with a smile

You don't have to pay tons of money to have fun - laughter is a human right. For an evening of fun stand-up comedy without worrying about your wallet, head to Camden Head in Angel for Angel Comedy or for some great entertainment with Weirdos Comedy. With the American comedian Lewis Schaffer you will be offered free, amusing improvisational comedy.

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