How do farms achieve drainage

Yard drainage

You can find out how to properly lay such drainage in the article on balcony drainage and terrace drainage.

The channel body in linear drainage is usually made of plastic, as it is recyclable. The plastic channel body has the following advantages:

  • easy and quick processing
  • break-proof and resilient
  • Resistant to frost and road salt, impervious to liquids
  • U-profile for smooth drainage
  • precise installation, as a good connection is possible
  • adjustable in height

If the load is higher, concrete channels are laid as they can withstand more weight.

When it comes to coverage, nothing to be desired These are available in different patterns and materials. You can choose between a plastic grate or a standing grate made of galvanized stainless steel. In addition, such a standing grate is used for safety and to catch dirt.

Depending on the length you need, you can connect the channels with one another using a plug-in system. Corner elements are also available to make it easier for you to lay corners and edges.

Again, make sure that there is a gradient of at least 2% from the floor to the gutter.

You can easily adjust the construction height after laying (e.g. paving stones). Simply adjust the height of the gutter using a screwdriver.

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