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Online Poker App 2021

How does poker work on a smartphone and is there the best real money poker app?

With poker apps that are free, as with any other app, it doesn't matter whether you want to use them on your tablet or mobile phone. Poker apps are in most cases available for both Android and the Apple iOS operating system. So you don't have to worry about compatibility in this case. You can get started right after you have installed the corresponding app on the device of your choice. The apps themselves are usually completely harmless when it comes to poker apps that are free.

Some apps still require verifying new accounts for a regular computer. This is the only way to set up an account with these apps that can play with real money. After this verification, however, it is immediately possible to play on the go. Basically, however, you can play directly with providers who work with play money without having to carry out laborious checks on your identity. This saves you this detour.

Simple cell phones are enough

Although most of the apps from poker services stand out because of their unusual designs, most of them do not require extremely good smartphones. So if you have a slightly older model with relatively little performance, you normally don't really have to worry. The poker apps currently in circulation are actually available and functional on all devices. If this is not the case, you can always fall back on other, equally good alternatives.

As a player, the only thing you absolutely need to watch out for is a consistent connection to the Internet. There should also be enough battery available so that you don't have to stop suddenly during a game. Such a case is particularly annoying when it comes to real money. Because it can always be prevented.

Differences between mobile poker on Android and iOS and the best real money poker app

Android poker apps offline or online

The market for online poker apps has grown extremely rapidly over the past few years. For a long time it was only possible for players to play online poker on the websites of the providers from home. As a player, you were tied to your desk. But now this problem has been solved through the use of apps. Now it is possible almost everywhere In the last few years the market for online poker and for poker app Android and on iPhone devices has exploded. There is basically no such thing as the best real money poker app. In the past, players could only play online poker from their desks and had to rely on a stationary computer or laptop.

At the same time, however, mobile gamers also meet gamers sitting at conventional computers. So there is an isolated mobile poker.

What do you have to pay attention to?

When choosing the right online poker app, offline or online provider, there are many elements and factors that can determine the right one. However, safety should always come first. This is a fundamental criterion, especially for players who like to play poker with real money. Most likely, of course, the providers who have many years of experience and a satisfied customer base have proven themselves. These have already been established and in most cases are also trustworthy.

In addition, attention should be paid to the respective software. The design and the environment of the game should of course appeal to you as a player. The platform must be clear so that there is no confusion. Everything should be easy to understand, especially when playing for real money. Otherwise, using a poker app can quickly lead to frustration if a process that could have been carried out within 10 seconds takes 10 minutes. Simply put, you should feel at home in the app.

The number of users also deserves attention. Because no matter how good the app's offerings seem, if you have no other players, you can hardly play online poker. In addition, few players are a big warning, as the respective app is unlikely to have great deals in such a case.

Unfortunately, you cannot trust the reviews in the stores where you get the poker apps for real money. In the gambling and poker industry in particular, an extremely large number of reviews are fake or simply meant to be funny. It is rare to find an honest review that really relates to the online casino. Dissatisfied players who blame the app or the provider for their failure are also a major problem.

These games are best for mobile poker

For a while, players who wanted to play poker on the go were very limited. Only tournaments, sit and gos and conventional cash games were available. In the meantime, however, the range has become much broader. This is due on the one hand to the development of poker apps with real money, and on the other hand to the progress of mobile devices.


This variant of online poker is one of the most popular. As soon as you have placed your hand in this mode, you are seated at a new virtual table with a corresponding new hand. For you as a player, this ultimately means that you no longer have to wait for your fellow players. This variant saves you annoying waiting times, which is why it is definitely worth considering.

Spin and GoJackpot tournaments

Another extremely popular method are so-called jackpot tournaments. These are also available on Android poker apps. They are also called Spin and Go tournaments. These are usually very fast-paced tournaments that only require 3 to four players. The special thing about this type of online poker is that the large stake is determined in the context of a solution before the start of the round. So if you are lucky, you can sometimes play for your actual stake with a factor of over 1000. Such a poker tournament usually only takes up to ten minutes. If you just want to switch off while playing poker, this variant is perfect for you.

Longer poker tournaments with significantly more players are also an option with the mobile versions of online poker. However, these have some disadvantages. Because in most cases these take a few hours and are not really cheap. Therefore you have to be able to concentrate particularly in this type of tournament. However, playing on the mobile device is not really suitable for such a hassle, which is why you should rather use the desktop computer for this method.

Four important tips for playing online poker on the mobile phone

Fast fold variant

Now these types and modes of play have become very popular in poker. The difference to conventional poker is that you are promoted directly to a new table with a corresponding new hand. This saves you as a player the annoying waiting time in which you have to wait for the actions of your fellow players. This variant is particularly useful when playing poker on mobile devices. Because here you usually only play with a few tables. Contrary to expectations, such modes do not cause confusion, because although several tables are running at the same time, you only see one.

This ensures that you never have to wait in passive mode. As a player, you are always active, which not only shortens the playing time, but also increases the tension.

No spin and go variants

If you are serious about playing poker, or even playing for real money, you should avoid so-called jackpot tournaments. Even if these mostly ensure fun, they are not really profitable to play due to the fact that the rake is far too large. This does not apply to all online poker apps, of course, but it does to most of them. Therefore, you should inform yourself sufficiently in advance.

Not playing many tables at once

While playing multiple tables at the same time is very popular on mobile poker apps, it is better not to overdo it. Because here it can happen to you as a player from a certain number of tables that you lose the overview. Therefore, you should really concentrate on a maximum of three tables. Because this way you increase your chances of winning. In the end, it is still better to win at two tables, for example, than to lose at five. In this way you do not miss any important decisions at a relevant table because you were already at the next table in your mind.

Don't gamble with stakes that are too high

It is very good that poker has now also been made playable on the move. However, the mobile variant still cannot be fully compared with playing poker on the desktop computer. Therefore, if you are planning on playing high stakes, you should definitely play on the home computer. Because on the way there can always be disruptive factors that can cause you great losses. It is therefore recommended that you use your mobile phone very little.

The most important questions about poker apps

What are the best free poker apps to play with?

If your goal is to play without any real money, there are many options available to you. In fact, you don't have to look far to find out. However, to play for no real money, you are not restricted to apps that only offer such poker. Basically, almost all real money poker apps also have game modes in which you can play without real money.

These Android devices are best for poker apps

In principle, all reasonably modern smartphones with the Android operating system are suitable for running practically any poker app properly. As of version 7.0, you shouldn't have to worry.

These iOS devices are best for poker apps

If you have an iPhone, from the iPhone 5 you should no longer have to worry that it will not be able to process the poker apps. It is of course easier to play poker with larger screens like the newer iPhones, but these are not a must. The better resolution is also to your potential benefit.

Is it better to play on the desktop computer?

On mobile devices, poker can usually only be played using apps. Playing on the desktop in return works as usual in the browser and thus guarantees greater security. However, this is not an argument not to give mobile poker a try.

What about security on the phone?

Basically, you can say that apps offered by poker are generally safe. Your data as a player are actually always transmitted by encryption from your device over the Internet to the poker servers. Nobody can see your cards during the game. Otherwise, security when playing mobile games is based on your personal connection to the Internet. Because if this breaks off and your time in the current round runs out, you will in most cases lose money. If you have a very insecure connection to the Internet, you should not play with too high stakes. However, playing poker on the move doesn't require too much internet either. Therefore, you shouldn't worry too much about it.

Are poker apps illegal on my mobile phone?

In Germany, poker is entirely legal on mobile devices. Apps that are played for no real money can be enjoyed without hesitation anyway. Again, apps that use real money must first receive a license from the EU. But this can easily be checked after a short research. As a player, you shouldn't have to worry about risks.

How easy is it to manipulate poker apps on the phone?

In most cases, these apps use newer backup technologies as well as real random number generators. This combination basically excludes manipulation completely. In addition, the providers are regulated by third parties and have to be checked regularly by independent associations. The security here is therefore mostly given.

Is it possible to play for real money on poker apps?

At the moment there are no problems playing with real money on mobile. However, there are also variants of poker in which you play with virtual money. You have less stress here, as it is of course not about your money. This makes it very easy to test the respective apps.

Can you get money out of poker apps?

Poker apps where you play for real money will of course also pay out your winnings. This can be done using different payment methods. These include bank transfers, credit cards, but also eWallets such as PayPal.

Do poker apps work offline?

As the name suggests, the goal of most online poker providers is to connect players online with other players. Of course there is also the possibility to play offline against the computer. All poker apps are designed to play with other players online.

Are there any special mobile poker bonuses?

At the moment, no provider offers additional bonuses for playing on mobile devices. The bonus remains the same for all players, regardless of whether they are from the computer or the mobile phone.

How many tables is it possible to play on at the same time?

This is different for each app. But you can assume a general limit of five tables that you can play at the same time. With such a high number of games, however, you lose track of things very quickly, which is why lower numbers, especially with the real money variant, are only recommended. So in the end you win more if you focus as a player on one or at most two tables.

Do other players see me playing on my phone?

Again, it depends on the differences between the apps. With some providers you can see a small phone next to the player name, if the player is playing on the move. However, there is usually the option to hide this symbol. In principle, you can identify yourself, but as a mobile player you are not necessarily forced to do so.

Do you have to play with real money?

There is always the possibility to play without any bets of your own. You can do this either with game modes in which you play poker with play money. Or you can use a no deposit welcome bonus from the respective online poker casino, which means that you can participate in real money games for a short time, even without your own money. With the variant with play money you can of course also only win play money. So you don't have a stake, but you don't have the opportunity to earn real money either.

So-called free roll tournaments also offer you as a player an excellent opportunity to try out playing with real money. With these you do not need an initial stake and you still have the opportunity to win real money prizes. Although these are always kept within a certain framework, they are still possible. More details and differences between the individual providers can always be found on their websites.


In conclusion, poker apps can be a great way to pass the time. However, not every online poker casino also has an Android or iOS poker app on offer. If you are looking for a poker app, the same conditions apply as when searching for normal providers. Seriousness and security should come first. The range of games and their scope must also be considered.