What tools is used to grind concrete

Concrete grinders grind even the hardest of surfaces: from concrete to screed to natural stone. Here you can find out what these power tools can do

Concrete grinders are the power tools of choice for numerous jobs where mineral substrates have to be removed and straightened. For example, old screed and paint can be removed with a concrete grinder or, as the name suggests, concrete can be sanded down. This is necessary, for example, when a concrete surface has bumps and needs to be straightened or renewed. The concrete grinder compensates for height differences and prepares the substrate for the application of a new layer of concrete or screed. But be careful: Depending on the type of grinding wheel used, the result is a smooth surface that does not hold new layers in place; a diamond disc with a coarse grain size must be selected here.

Concrete grinder - the difference lies in the choice of diamond disc

Concrete grinders are therefore not solely responsible for good results. What counts is the use of the right grinding wheels. Special diamond discs are used to remove mineral and particularly hard substrates. These consist of a steel disc coated with industrial diamonds. The diamond segments are applied using chemical processes in which metal powder is combined with industrial diamonds and attached to the grinding plate; the shape and arrangement of the diamond segments is different depending on the model. There are diamond wheels for concrete grinders that have a closed edge made of diamond surfaces, while other grinding wheels are segmented. Here the specialist trade offers a large and varied selection for every conceivable purpose.

Concrete grinder - the performance makes the difference

Concrete grinders are highly specialized tools and are designed exclusively for removing mineral substrates; The purpose of use can only be changed by changing the abrasive. Concrete grinders themselves are characterized above all by their performance and their high speed. This can be adapted to the respective requirements so that fine and coarse cuts are possible without any problems. Since a lot of dust is generated when grinding concrete, concrete grinders have a dust extraction system and are designed in such a way that the working environment on construction sites cannot damage the electronics; A robust construction is also a matter of course: If you have to take a break while grinding concrete, this is due to the stress on the grinding wheel and not on the concrete grinder. This makes concrete grinders one of the most robust power tools ever.

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