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Justin Bieber: He pranks Hailey so funny


Justin Bieber: In a great mood

Justin Bieber is pretty active on social media right now. In his Insta stories, the 25-year-old lets his 105 million subscribers take part in his everyday life with his wife Hailey Bieber every day. And as you can imagine, this everyday life is anything but boring. Justin seems to be on the mend right now after his psychological low, because the singer is in a pretty good mood. Yesterday the Canadian was in an absolute joke mood and decided to annoy his wife a little.


Justin Bieber accidentally pranks a stranger

Since Justin knew that Hailey would have to come around the corner with the luggage at the hotel where they wanted to spend the night, he hid in the hallway to be able to scare her at the right moment. Good plan, but unfortunately it didn't work out. Because when Justin Bieber heard steps in the hallway, he was sure that it could only be his wife. Well, you thought wrong! Justin did not prank the pretty blonde as planned, but an unsuspecting hotel guest who was really scared. Fortunately, after the initial shock, the man was able to laugh at Justin's action.


This is how Hailey reacts to Justin's action

The singer was of course not deterred by this fail and made a second attempt. This time he actually got the right “victim”: Hailey was so frightened that she immediately pushed her baggage cart away. While Justin was celebrating for his successful prank, his wife didn't find it so funny and first kicked her naughty husband with her foot.

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