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Games: Thanks to an "accident" to a video game designer

Games: Thanks to an "accident" to a video game designer

Jonas Kamber from Lucerne celebrates his debut as a video game developer with the game "Swing". The game has already been downloaded around 50,000 times. Now he wants more.

Jonas Kamber normally works on user interfaces: As a freelance application designer, he has already worked on projects for Ricardo.ch, CSS and Swiss Post. The Lucerne resident has also been a game designer since October 31: he is making his debut with "Swing", which is available free of charge in the App Store and on Google Play.

The creation of the game was an "accident": Kamber experimented with the physics engine "matter.js" without any specific intention. Virtual objects can be manipulated in it. When Kamber tied these shapes with a thread and swung around, he saw the potential for a video game.

Swing and land objects

Six months and “somewhere between 500 and 1000 hours of work” later, “Swing” was created. In the game you swing square or round objects and try to land them on platforms of different sizes.

That requires skill - and a pinch of luck. 100 levels are available in the finished game. If something falls down, you lose a life. If these are used up, you can earn some by watching a commercial. The patient can simply wait: after a few minutes, a few lives will be available again. And if you want to continue playing immediately, you can pay for it: 25 lives cost one, 250 two francs.

Challenge bigger than expected

The prototype of the game only had 20 levels - before it became a finished game, Kamber had to overcome a number of technical hurdles. “Even if 'Swing' looks super simple, there is a lot behind it technologically,” he explains. It was exhausting just working on the same problem for days. He also experienced a small setback during a completely different part of the game: a trailer that he had cut was rejected by the App Store because it contained stylized smartphones. According to Apple, no physical devices may be shown in such previews.

Nevertheless, Kamber is now satisfied with the finished game: In the first week, "Swing" had already been downloaded around 50,000 times. He has already learned a lot from the feedback. That is why he is now working on a completely revised version that he plans to publish this year. What comes next, Kamber cannot say yet - "Swing" is only his first step in the mobile games genre.