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E cigarette test 2021 • The 8 best e cigarettes in comparison

What are e cigarettes and how do they work?

The e cigarette forms the healthier one alternative to Tobacco cigarette. There is steaming and no smoking here. In the e cigarette a flavored liquid is heated accordingly and then inhaled as vapor. That's what owns the E model an evaporator with an evaporator head, in which the actual combustion process takes place.

Liquids for the e cigarette exists in many Flavors, which can be very fruity, sweet or spicy to hearty. It is possible that e cigarette to use with or without nicotine, so that too strong Smoker a good alternative in the modern Models see.

The e cigarette has a simple structure and processes the liquid liquid filled in at very low temperatures. The process is generated by electricity, for which the models have a battery. The best are similar in shape E.Cigarettes the usual cigarette or a smaller and narrow pipe. In addition to the vaporizer at the rear end in the front area, you have a mouthpiece that can be inhaled.

A real one Combustion process does not take place, which means that fewer pollutants are produced. Even the nicotine contained in some liquids is less harmful than the actual nicotine Toxins the classic Tobacco cigarette can be found in the tar content and filter and through the Combustion process be inhaled as chemical substances. A low concentration of nicotine, on the other hand, is not yet carcinogenic. For the e cigarette, there are liquids that are low Amount of nicotine contain up to a maximum of 20 mg. One is smoked or vaporized Nicotine content of about 3 mg per Smoking process. Nicotine only becomes harmful at a concentration above 40 mg.

Diagram showing the price-performance ratio of e cigarettes

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Areas of application - e cigarettes in use

The small Evaporator allow many Smokers a healthier alternative to tobacco. Since the e cigarette has been further developed, the generation of steam is now very high. Many smokers are less into that nicotine instructed yourself, but rather enjoy the smoking process through inhalation and steam release. E cigarettes imitate this, whereby the vapor development is often even stronger.

E cigarettes In addition, they not only offer the taste of different types of tobacco, but also versatile ones Flavors. Vaping can therefore take place in a varied and aromatic manner. Similar to a shisha or water pipe, the aroma is inhaled, can also be fruity or sweet, tasting like vanilla, apple, lemon or chocolate.

offer by not taking place Combustion process fewer pollutants, even if nicotine is contained in a low dose. In addition, the models are safer, as no embers are lit, and are allowed in public Facilities in which smoking is otherwise prohibited. The evaporation process takes place without tar-containing and toxic substances and without the formation of ash.

This also has a positive effect when inhaling, so that the airways are not overloaded. E cigarettes are also in theirs Odor development pleasant, being smokers and Non-smoker benefit. The latter are not uncomfortable in comparison Tobacco smell annoyed, the smoker himself no longer has to go Nicotine smell fight in the room or on clothes.

What models are there? - Structure and shape of the e cigarette

The typical e cigarette is a small and narrow pipe with a mouthpiece. Great differences does not exist, at most in terms of design, color and size. There are mini e-cigarettes E-evaporator and eGoes. The latter are pen-sized models that are particularly easy to transport and easy to use, but are slightly longer than the ones Mini e-cigarette are. They offer a particularly high steam output and are therefore the most frequently used models.

There are 4 typical ones Components at a E cigarette, which already have simple entry-level models. In the test, the small electrical device consists of an evaporator and a tank for filling the Liquids, from a mouthpiece that is called Drip tip and from a battery.

About the Mouthpiece becomes that formed in the evaporator smoke inhaled. At requirement the mouthpiece can also be changed and exchanged so that the hygienic conditions are right. Mostly the mouthpiece is made of glass, plastic or off stainless steel and is used for cleaning up the e cigarette removed.

The tank, also called Clearomizer labeled, sits in the evaporator. This one is for that Tobacco substitutes thought of the liquid. Liquids are liquid, contain distilled water, glycerine, flavorings and something Nicotine. Usually a small amount is sufficient, whereby the Capacity of the tank varies and holds between 1.5 to 3 milliliters. The liquid is heated in the tank and then unfolds in the desired aroma.

In the existing Evaporator thinks Evaporation process held at low temperature. It therefore contains a in the test Heating coil and one Coil head. The liquid liquid is worked up and evaporated via the heating coil. Slightly the strength of the aroma can be influenced here.

The whole Evaporation process takes place electronically through a battery that holds the Power supply the heating coil takes over. With the best e cigarettes, the battery capacity can vary in different ways Power levels can be set. This then also determines the steam output.

Brief information on leading manufacturers / brands

  • IJoy
  • LoVaper
  • Beawelle
  • Eleaf
  • Dipse
One of the most famous manufacturers for vaporizers and electronic cigarettes is "IJoy". Here you can fall back on a range of high-quality and powerful models, which are characterized by a strong vapor development and an ergonomically handy design. There are several brands to choose from, which also allow price differences. The right accessories are also available, including mouthpieces or a good selection of liquids.
A Chinese supplier of vaporizers, atomizers and e-cigarettes is "LoVaper". The devices are produced in the company's own factory, whereby the models are high-quality and energy-efficient. Value is also placed on a modern design, with "LoVaper" offering excellent entry-level models or an entire starter set. From the cigarette to pen-sized e-cigarettes, there are many colored models available that achieve good vapor development.
To the from "Beawelle" The electronic devices offered also include the small e-cigarette. This is available in different sizes and designs, some starting at 20 euros. The handling is particularly easy, the design selection is colorful and versatile. Often with "Beawelle" glass is used for the housing and mouthpiece. The models also have a modern LED display.
Electric vaporizers are also available from "Eleaf", a company from China founded in 2011. Here, high-performance models can be purchased at a low price. In addition, "Elaf" offers a very large selection of liquids. The electronic cigarettes are designed to be slim and handy, offer many functions and a chic, metallic design in a variety of colors. To do this, the battery can be charged quickly with a micro USB cable in the test.
Of "Dipse" Various electric cigarettes, pipes and shishas are offered. The selection of flavors and liquids is very large. The E-models are compact and ergonomic, partly battery-shaped and modern in design. There are variants that even have a color display and touch buttons.

This is how e cigarettes are tested

For the benefit of one e cigarette a test is helpful to find out how harmless the Models are what advantages they offer to tobacco products and what long-term consequences are possible. A direct one comparison of the various Models however, it also enables the best E cigarettes ato present in the market, in their attributes, characteristics, in handling, in structure and Steam process to be checked.

The development of steam is a crucial one Criteria, In the comparison, however, the health aspect is not neglected either. The test can clearly show how the use of the e cigarette will shape in the future and whether a switch from the Tobacco cigarette on the electronic cigarette is sensible and possible.

Accordingly, different ones are tested and evaluated Manufacturer models, the associated liquids and the general Equipment. From a list of the best Models a comparison winner can then be determined. The test clearly shows that Vaping is actually less harmful than smoking. Favorably influences the e cigarette in the comparison also addictive behavior.

Criteria for the e cigarette

Important Test criteria concern the structure, the equipment, the vaporizer, the mouthpiece, the smoke resp. Steam generation, the strength of the aroma, the capacity of the Tanks and the general function. In the test, the e cigarette has a tank with the liquid next to the mouthpiece, a switch for activation and a battery. The Battery power and the Evaporation process.

To the Models become high in the test expectations posed. Therefore the comparison refers to Mini e-cigarettes, Cordless tools and eGoes. The design of the small pipes also plays a role in the test result. Many are very handy and small, reminiscent of a pen or one Tobacco cigarette in this size.

In comparison, however, the somewhat larger eGoes, where the Steam generation much stronger. They belong to the second generation on electronic cigarettes, while the battery mods are again a new development and are also wider in structure. These are more reminiscent of a battery and allow the test individual settings.

Another one Test criterion concerns the Battery power and the individual settings and adjustments. In comparison, models that can be influenced in terms of battery performance and also regulated in terms of steam output are very good. For all Models there is a large selection of liquids, whereby it is tested whether the aroma changes in the evaporation process.

Frequent defects - these should be taken into account when buying an e cigarette!

If you are about to switch to the electric Cigarette Think about it, of course you want a product that meets your high expectations, is practical and offers advantages over tobacco cigarettes. This is where the impression already in the construction and design of the models. You can choose between narrow and pen-like devices through to wider pipes. Also for the purchase besides the shape and the plays size weight matters. The E.Cigarette should be kept simple and easy to use. Most of the time, the models are between 10 to 15 centimeters long.

For buying the right electrical Cigarette you can pay attention to the capacity of the tank for the liquids. This should of course be a bit larger for heavy smokers, so that the test is not a constant one Refill necessary is. Are good Models with a volume of 2 to 3 ml.

Similar to Pipe smoker also place users of the electrical Cigarette Value on a high quality Mouthpiece. When buying, you can therefore decide whether you want a replaceable plastic mouthpiece or a higher quality one Models made of glass or stainless steel to prefer. The latter are more durable and cleaner because less deposits are made. Most E models have removable mouthpieces.

If you smoke or vape a lot, you should also take a look at the Battery power respectively. An electric one Cigarette, which has no more juice after a few uses is of little use.

Are highly recommended Pipes, where the battery power can be regulated. Since the E.Cigarette only works electrically, a rechargeable battery is required. This is usually around 2 Hours charged and lasts for a day with frequent use. Alternatively, you can also use a Spare battery take with you so you don't get left stranded if that Need to smoke comes up.

Internet vs. specialist retailers: where is the best place to buy my e-cigarette?

in the Subject- and Tobacco shop there is a good selection of e cigarettes. However, the range on the Internet is significantly higher. There are now many websites and smoke shops that sell the electric Models offer, as well as the extensive accessories. Buying on the Internet is therefore more convenient and possible at any time, and in some cases a little cheaper.

In trade, of course, that is consultation possible on site. Nevertheless, information can also be easily obtained from the Internet. Manufacturer attach great importance to describing and presenting their goods in detail. In addition, numerous test and comparison pages are available that have an advisory function and present a selection of the best models.

Interesting facts and advice

Lots Smoker try your way through the modern electric Cigarettes the Smoke to get rid of tobacco. In part, and as has been shown by studies, this is actually possible. Most often wear a hefty Steam generation and the wide range of flavors will help you to abandon tobacco products over time.

The liquids contained in nicotine are also helpful for smokers, but they contain more than normal ones Cigarette significantly less Nicotine concentration. More serious side effects from prolonged use of the electric vaporizer have not yet been found.

Stiftung Warentest E cigarette test - the results

Because electrical Cigarettes are sometimes viewed critically, Stiftung Warentest has started a detailed test and comparison in order not only to evaluate different models, but also to evaluate them use and hazards of smoking. The structure and use of the e-cigarette is excellent here.

From hundreds Models and flavors were able to score points with many Chinese suppliers. In terms of aroma, liquids such as apple, coffee, cognac and lemon were tested. The study showed that still Smoker increased to E cigarette and can thus significantly reduce the harmful use of tobacco.

The test could also prove that vaporizing is less harmful because less Pollutants in the steam are included. On some models, the Aerosol however, harmful substances such as acrolein or formaldehyde have been detected. These arise z. B. if the devices are inferior and get too hot during use.

The development of the e cigarette

The first electric Cigarette developed Herbert A. Gilbert 1963, who was primarily interested in developing a tobacco-free cigarette that gave off aromatic vapor instead. The product was a pioneer, but at that time it was not yet an actual replacement for the Tobacco cigarette.

Then in 2003 the Chinese models, invented by, were better Hon Lik. Generally speaking, China is one here Trailblazer for vaporizers and markets the devices worldwide. The shape was soon adopted and gradually shrunk. In 2008, the models looked more or less like a normal cigarette.

Facts and figures on the subject of "E cigarette"

The use of a E cigarette is allowed from the age of 18, so that the Products are then also freely available. On many offer pages, the question of age is therefore asked and the Product selection matched to it. Also on offer are nicotine-free variants and Evaporator for underage users. Mostly it is an e-shisha without nicotine.

Tips for caring for the e cigarette

The electronic cigarette should be used after several times use always be cleaned.

This applies to the mouthpiece, the components and especially the Evaporator. If care and cleaning are carried out sensibly, the longevity of the models also increases. The more they are used, the more often you should model also clean to maintain hygiene. This is also necessary because the Evaporation process always deposit residues.
Leftovers can be on the Evaporator and fix in the mouthpiece and then also influence the steam strength and power. The Mouthpiece can easily be cleaned under water. With the vaporizer, it is usually sufficient to blow it through vigorously or to use a cotton swab.


Is it healthier to smoke with an e-cigarette?

In direct comparison with a Tobacco cigarette is this Vaping always healthier than smoking. This also applies to the use with nicotine liquids, although the proportion is particularly low here. The use of the electric Cigarette takes place without Combustion process chemical substances so that the body is burdened with fewer toxins. The mucous membranes can be slightly irritated by inhaling, but much less than when smoking tobacco.

Can costs be saved with an e cigarette?

E. Cigarettes offer in test actually a small one Cost relief, since also the Tobacco prices keep increasing. If a box now costs over 5 euros, the total costs for an average active smoker for a pack per day are 1934.50 euros. An e cigarette is then worthwhile for longer use and brings you one despite buying more liquids cost cutting of around 500 euros.

Why is smoking out and vaping in?

By the smoking ban in many places and the great health burden of the Tobacco consumption More and more people are showing understanding for switching from normal cigarettes to e-cigarettes.

These are especially for younger and hip people E cigarettes cooler and trendier, enable a strong one Steam outlet and thus replace smoking, as this effect is mostly more that experience stimulates. In addition is the e cigarette less harmful to health, even when liquids containing nicotine are used.

What are liquids and what do they contain?

Liquids determine the aroma of the e cigarette and can be purchased with or without nicotine. Mostly high-quality ingredients are included, including, in addition to the flavoring, also distilled water, glycerine and Propylene glycol. The glycerine ensures the rich generation of steam.

What flavors are there for the e cigarette?

The market holds a selection of over a thousand different Flavors ready for the e cigarette, so that the change is really worthwhile and smoking or vaporizing can be implemented in a much more varied manner. You don't even need real nicotine for that. The Flavors can be sweet or fruity. Liquids with vanilla, caramel and Chocolate flavor or the fruity to tropical ones variants with banana, berries, lemon, orange, apple, melon, mango, pineapple or passion fruit. Those who, on the other hand, simply value a strong taste can also be different Herbs- or Types of tea cost or vary the tobacco taste itself.

Does the aroma change when vaporizing?

The advantage that E cigarettes and high quality Liquids are the varied flavors that are not changed even when vaporizing. This is because for the available liquids in the test good ingredients and ingredients can be used and the flavorings are vaporized via the heating element of the e cigarette.

Can liquid flavors be mixed?

Because liquids in many Flavors and are mostly available in small bottles with a capacity between 10 to 20 ml, in the Evaporator If only a few drops are given, it is of course easy to mix the flavors, whereby care can be taken that these do not bite or stick well in the comparison combination taste.

In addition, manufacturers also offer liquids that are already premixed, e.g. Legs combination from apple and Berry or kiwi and lime. The sweet variants of apple strudel with cinnamon or strudel with strawberries are also popular. There is even a mix of yogurt and fruit or a liquid that comes with donuts Raspberry filling and glaze tastes good. The choice is accordingly unlimited and extensive.

Alternatives to an e cigarette

As an alternative to the electric Mini cigarette are E-hookahs, most of them without nicotine and only with different ones Flavors used larger hookahs, vaporizers and cordless vaporizers. Next to it is the big one competitor typical tobacco products such as cigarettes, cigarillos, cigars and pipes. The electric Cigarette however, remains the healthier choice and can be the Smoking cessation support. The Steam process is not completely harmless, but gentler and with less Pollution possible.

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