What are the best straight neck exercises

Neck pain: exercises and tips from office worker Birgit

- Episode 6 -

Many employees work on the computer every day. The head approaches the screen quite unconsciously - a so-called turtle neck is created. Internal and muscular tension are the result. Daily use of the smartphone is also a trigger for neck pain. Paying regular attention to your posture and occasionally putting your smartphone to one side prevents tension. Our everyday expert Birgit shows you 5 exercises that relieve neck pain and relieve tension in the shoulder and neck area.

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Duration: approx. 10 min.

Exercises for neck pain

Exercise 1: the neck stretch

Stretching to lower the shoulders · Equipment: chair

With this gentle stretching exercise for the shoulder and neck area, you relax your muscles and take the load off your shoulders. Mobilizing the cervical spine relieves your intervertebral discs. The neck feels a little freer.

Exercise 2: the sky-gazer

Stretching the anterior neck muscles · Equipment: chair

Switch off in between and look at the sky. Done correctly, this is a good exercise for neck pain. Relaxed front neck muscles relieve the neck. With this stretch, you take tension off the front muscles.

Exercise 3: The active neck extension

Double chin exercise to relieve the cervical spine · Equipment: chair

Sedentary activities are often the trigger for the head to be pulled forward. By straightening your neck muscles, you provide the necessary balance to everyday life in the office. In the case of neck pain, this exercise relieves your cervical spine and relieves tension at the same time.

Exercise 4: back freedom

Dosed expansion of the spinal column movement

A free back needs active abdominal muscles: By lifting your head in the supine position, you strengthen the neck and activate the abdominal muscles.

Exercise 5: The deblocker

Rib joint and thoracic spine mobilization · Equipment: sock and 2 tennis balls

With this exercise you release blockages and tension at shoulder blade level. By opening the chest, you can mobilize the thoracic spine at the same time.

All neck exercises to download and print out

Our tip: Take a look at Birgit's video completely before practicing for the first time in order to be able to understand the movements well. By the way, you can download all the neck exercises here and take them with you to work, home or when traveling.

Download exercises

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