What is the Lewis structure for SI2

Lewis notation

Lewis notation - exercises

Lewis model: Representation of the bonding and free electron pairs, observing the octet rule.
Lewis notation: electrons (e-) are marked as a point and e - pairs are marked as a dash.

Example: chlorine molecule

binding electron pair


Lewis notation:

Give the Lewis formula for carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) at.



There are atoms that can attract the bonding pair of electrons more strongly. Due to the uneven distribution in the molecule, they receive a partial negative charge. The strength increases in the following row:

exercise :

Give the Lewis formulas for the following compounds and mark the centers of gravity.


  1. HCl

  2. O 2

  3. H 2 O

  4. N 2

  5. H 2 S.

  6. NH 3

  7. H 2

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