Did Crouch Jr. master Occlumency

Did Draco Malfoy have the dark mark?


I've always assumed that yes he does. As someone mentioned earlier about the scene in Borgin and Burkes and Malfoy that flinches in Madam Malkins, there are subtle narratives that elude it. If you go back and actually think about it, what could actually have terrified Borgin to take him seriously? As for the part where Snape and Malfoy escape ... the barrier was put up after Draco was on top of the tower and was destroyed before running down the steps. No question.

The book only makes sense if Malfoy actually has the brand, though it's never confirmed. I think JK wanted to leave it open because when she came over high pressure and said he was branded, you kind of lose the last bit of sympathy you have with the character and his struggle. I think she left it so you could sympathize with Malfoy and his difficult position, if she doesn't do it that way ... most would probably just write Draco off as just nasty at this point and never give him a second thought about his true nature, that is, try to protect his family.

All in all I would say yes, he definitely had the brand. Conversely, it just doesn't make a lot of sense.


Your position on sympathy / pity is very good. I like that very much. And it's definitely easy to infer that he had the Dark Mark alongside the other signs.


I've always assumed that he had the mark not just because of the subtle tells mentioned above, but because it was like the ultimate punishment for his father to give him this time. Think about it; He is branded for life, they will never forget their entire relationship with Voldemort, and as mentioned above, Narcissa is convinced that Draco was chosen as a punishment for Lucius' mistake. Just because he received the mark of death doesn't mean he wanted to enjoy being a Death Eater. Maybe he just wanted to be b / c that he knew he had to do for his family. The repressed good in him is still there, he's just a boy who had to make sacrifices.