How can I fix my laptop

How to repair hardware yourself

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Why spend expensive money mending hardware when it's easy and free? You can repair a lot in a few simple steps - we show you how the 0-euro repairs work.

If hardware has to be sent for repair, it costs not only money but also time. It can take a few weeks for the specialist to fix the device. This is particularly annoying with computers, printers and digital cameras used for business purposes; downtimes can be really expensive. We show how you can use simple means to repair a device that is often only apparently defective. The highlight: You neither need technical training nor expensive special tools.

Repair the monitor connector with a ballpoint pen, bring clarity to the blurry image, and fix display problems.

Hidden connector pin on the monitor cable

Problem: When pulling out the monitor cable, several connector pins were bent at the same time. Because of the crooked pins, you can no longer connect the connector.

EnlargeUse a ballpoint pen to straighten crooked connector pins

solution : The crooked pins can be easily bent straight. All you need is a ballpoint pen. Unscrew this and take out the mine. The tip of the ballpoint pen is now used as a correction tool. Slide the tip over each bent pin to straighten it.