What does Lel mean in a text

LOL, ROFL, LMAO: What did the chat abbreviations mean?

LOL, OMG, BTW: The Internet speaks its own language - and it largely consists of chat abbreviations, which often arise from English phrases. As a user of forums and messenger apps, you should know the Internet abbreviations. In the following you will find translations and explanations of common terms from the Internet jargon.

1. Funny: LOL, ROFL, LMAO

These three common chat abbreviations have a similar meaning - all denote a hearty laugh by the person chatting. As with many other Internet abbreviations, LOL, ROFL and LMAO are so-called acronyms, i.e. short words that are made up of the first letters of a word combination.

LOL is short for "laughing out loud"; the Duden translates this phrase as "laughing out loud". There are numerous variations of the popular phrase, which has been listed in the prestigious Oxford English Dictionary since 2011. For example, if LOL is written in lower case, it may mean that the person chatting didn't have to laugh quite as loudly.

ROFL, sometimes also ROTFL, on the other hand, is less recognizable as a laughing formula than LOL at first glance. The abbreviation stands for "rolling on the floor laughing"; the chatting man laughs so loudly in the figurative sense and literally rolls on the floor.

The somewhat more vulgar LMAO means "laughing my ass off" in full. The user of this abbreviation laughs at everyone's lips.

2. Amazed: OMG and WTF

The chat abbreviations OMG and WTF are now used almost inflationarily - not only on the Internet and on smartphones, but also in direct conversation. With these Internet abbreviations, users express their astonishment and amazement.

OMG, which is also used in the Oxford dictionary, is short for "Oh my God". The acronym is used when something embarrassing or scandalous has happened to someone and the person chatting wants to put the feeling of foreign ashamed into words.

WTF is one of the tough chat abbreviations and means "What the fuck?" When written out. According to the magazine "Focus", a suitable German translation would be "What the hell?"

3. Informative: BTW, FYI and Co.

Chat abbreviations are popular not only in informal exchanges among friends. Even in serious chats and messages, the short words are finding more and more friends. BTW is now almost a classic, short for "by the way". The German equivalent of BTW - "by the way" - is only five letters longer, but it is being replaced more and more by BTW in chats.

Other common chat abbreviations in this context are, for example:

  • FYI: "For your information"
  • IMHO: "In my humble opinion" (In my humble opinion)
  • AFAIK: "As far as I know" (As far as I know)
  • AFK: "Away from keyboard"
  • ASAP: "As soon as possible"
  • FAQ: "Frequently asked questions"
  • IDK: "I don't know"
  • TBH: "To be honest"
  • TMI: "Too much information"