How can I kill a skunk

Wanted poster skunk
sizeup to 45 cm (tail up to 25 cm)
speedup to 16 km / h
Weightup to 6.3 kg
lifespan5-8 years
nutritionFish, fruits, grains, grasses
EnemiesOwls, coyotes, wild cats
habitatSouthern Canada, USA, Mexico
Scientific SurnameMephitidae
featuresmostly black and white striped fur, bad smell
The smellyest skunk

Skunks are actually called "skunks" in technical terms. The family includes the Streifenskunk, Fleckenskunk, Ferkelskunk and the stink badger. All animals are easy to recognize by their black and white fur and are roughly the size of a house cat.

Pretty vain!

The strip skunk holds the record for the worst “perfume” among skunks.

Skunk - Photo: Debbie Steinhausser / Shutterstock

The only enemy of the skunk

Skunks can't run very fast. Many enemies would therefore have an easy time of it. But the only animal that dares to attack this "smelly prey" is the American great horned owl. He has no problem with the stinking liquid the skunk produces. Why? It's very simple: it smells very bad.

Snake venom doesn't bother skunks

Skunks are insensitive to snake venom. You would have to get 10 times more venom than an animal of comparable size to die from it.

How old do skunks get?

Unfortunately, 90% of skunks do not survive the first winter and live a maximum of 3 years old. Skunks can live as “pets” for up to 15 years.

Skunk - Photo: Debbie Steinhausser / Shutterstock

How far can skunks spray?

There are different opinions here. Some say the skunk can spray up to 10 feet, others believe it can be up to 6 feet.

The smelly perfume

The "eau de skunk" smells like a mix of garlic, sulfur, burnt rubber and rotten eggs, yuck !! Even at a distance of 4 km you can still see it. The yellow oil is produced in two glands located below the tail.

The liquid not only smells bad, it even causes blindness for a short time. Even with humans. If you swallow it, you vomit and can even pass out.

Skunk - Photo: Heiko Kiera / Shutterstock

The use of the "weapon"

The stink "pistol" is not drawn out carelessly, because a skunk needs several days for the glands to restore sufficient fluid.

1. Warning

When skunks feel threatened, they put their tails up first. For most animals, that's warning enough. They take their legs in hand and flee.

2nd and final warning

If the first warning is disregarded, skunks stand on their front legs and bend their bodies in a U-shape. Head and tail point towards the enemy. They also bar their teeth. Now an attack is almost inevitable.

Skunk perfume in clothes

If the skunk has hit clothes, they can only be thrown away. The smell never goes out again, no matter how often you wash your clothes. The smell also lingers on the skin for days without weakening.

What if skunks fight each other?

The assumption is, of course, that skunks spray each other in a fight (e.g. over a skunk lady). But this has never been observed.

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Skunk - Photo: James Coleman / Shutterstock