Why is my older cat peeing all over the place

Your cat suddenly pees in the apartment? 4 reasons & tips

If your cat suddenly starts ignoring the litter box in order to urinate in different places around the apartment, then the relationship between humans and animals can be put to the test. Here you will find out possible reasons for your pet's behavior change and what you can do to change the stressful situation again.

4 most common reasons your cat urinates

It is not uncommon for a cat to have a phase in their life when they no longer use the litter box and instead use other places in the apartment to step out. This can be quite annoying, especially if the bed or couch is involved, which can quickly become the case. Cat urine leaves stains and smells, and who needs that in their bedroom? But why is it that your cat suddenly changes its behavior and no longer behaves well in the intended facility? The 4 most common causes are:

  1. Medical causes
  2. stress
  3. Too small a litter box
  4. Wrong location

One thing is clear: she doesn't do it out of malice!

1. Medical cause

One reason that needs to be clarified urgently is whether there is a medical cause. There may be a urinary tract infection. Something like this is painful for the cat and leads to the fact that it will visit the usual litter box with this very same thing Pain connects.

This in turn has the consequence that they look for a new place to do their business .. Cats tend to hold out until it is no longer possible. So even if your pet has looked healthy so far, you should first consult a veterinarian who will clarify the matter.

2. Stress

Another possible reason your cat may suddenly pee in the apartment can be stress. Cats are very sensitive animals and they can get rid of small things that seem trivial bring mental equilibrium. Peeing in the home is a common response in such cases. Stress triggers can also be changes in the living environment, such as B. a move.

Sometimes, however, a new piece of furniture is enough to relieve stress in the house tiger. A new social situation is also possible for a stress reaction: For example, new people or a new animal that has stepped into the familiar environment of the velvet paw. If a dog moves into the household, you should follow these 7 rules to get your dog and cat used to each other.

Cats are creatures of habit. So only small changes can have big consequences.

3. Too small a litter box

If your cat suddenly decides against the litter box as a place for their business, it makes sense to look for possible reasons there first. Maybe she just doesn't feel comfortable there anymore and is therefore looking for other options.

Possible causes for cats to refuse a litter box are a few, such as: B. a litter box must not be too small. Many commercially available litter boxes are simply too small for furry four-legged friends and therefore uncomfortable.

4. Wrong location

The location also plays a major role!

Like us humans, cats do not like it when there is a lot of hype around them while they are doing their business.

So you should look for a nice and quiet corner in the apartment! Maybe your cat even has a favorite spot in the apartment? Do her a favor and put her toilet there!

Tip: Stay away from scented litter, scents, and deodorants. These things are often not tolerated!

In addition, you should urgently pay attention to the hygiene in the litter box: Cats like it clean. So if the purity does not meet your pet's demands, he will feel nauseous.

Checklist to get your cat back house-trained

First of all, a cat urinating in the home is not necessarily uncommon. So there is no need to panic. However, if this happens more often or if your cat does not normally do this, you should definitely think about possible causes! These causes should by no means be underestimated, as they ultimately lead to your pet not feeling well at the moment:

  • See a veterinarian to find out possible health reasons
  • Put yourself in your cat's shoes to identify potential stressors
  • Clean the litter box regularly
  • Reconsider the location of the litter box
  • Don't use scented litter
  • Don't scold: a cat doesn't suddenly pee in the apartment to annoy you

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