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DotA 2: The 7 best tips for beginners

The online strategy game "Dota 2" is not easy to master for beginners because it has a very steep learning curve. We have therefore put together the best tips for newbies.

Tip 1: play DotA 2 tutorial

Play the tutorial missions first. There you will get to know the basic game mechanics, rules and the interface. The introduction is especially for complete newbies to the genre. But even if you have played League of Legends before, for example, the tutorial is recommended because Dota 2 has numerous peculiarities. The tutorial consists of two parts:

  1. First you will learn the controls and basics of the game.
  2. Then you play several rounds with other beginners against bots, then against other beginners. You choose from the "Limited Heroes". This is a selection from 20 beginner-friendly heroes.

Tip 2: don't rush into anything

After the tutorial, continue to play only with the "Limited Heroes". Only when you feel reasonably safe should you switch to "All Pick", that is to say to the complete selection of heroes. Because there are some heroes who can cause you a lot of problems in the beginning, for example Riki with his permanent invisibility.

Tip 3: play your hero according to his role

Basically, the heroes can be divided into two categories:

  1. The "carry" gets stronger the longer the game lasts and the more gold and level it gets. With him you distribute most of the damage. An example of a typical (and easy to play for beginners) carry is the Drow Ranger.
  2. The "supporter" supports the team with special skills, such as life regeneration or stunning opponents. Unlike the Carrys, they don't do a lot of damage, but they also use less gold. For example, a simple beginner supporter is the Witch Doctor.

There is also the jungler and the initiator. However, these are not relevant for beginners as they are very special. So play with your hero in such a way that he serves his purpose.

Tip 4: use hero builds in DotA

Many gamers, including professional gamers, make their builds available. A build consists of two parts: the distribution of the level points and the matching items. Follow the builds at the beginning, as this will make a meaningful combination of your hero's abilities.

Tips 5 to 7: Small tips for a successful DotA start

These tips might also help you:

  • If you want to try a new hero, do it in a game against bots. This way you don't upset fellow players if you can't get along with the hero.
  • Think before you act. Does it really make sense to defend the first tower against four opposing players on your own?
  • In the "Library" you will find information on all heroes that are in Dota 2. Among other things, all abilities of a hero including a demonstration video are listed there. Feel free to browse around there while you wait for the next batch.

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