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Because of This is how I work | Isabella Donnerhall and because I like posts like this, I'll tell you about how I work (blog).

Blogger type: Essentially films and series. Sometimes music, semi-regular links, rarely anything else.

Equipment digital: MacBook Pro 5.3, iPhone 5 with Sennheiser HD-25 headphones on (so I don't have to hear my surroundings), Kindle Paperwhite for reading, iPod nano for jogging.

Equipment analog: The small MOLESKINE cashiers notebook in your pocket, LEUCHTTURM1917 A5 dotted grid in the shoulder bag, Pilot Hi-Tec-C Gel Ink Pen 0.4 mm black, Uni-Ball Jetstream 0.7 mm blue and soon a TWSBI 580 with an extra-fine nib.

Working method: Easily missed when I am not pressed for time, but when I have started it is more concentrated and without much break in one go.

What tools do you use for blogging, research and bookmark management?

I started with Wordpress, but switched to Octopress about six months ago. Octropress generates a static page for me that doesn't have to load anything dynamically, is essentially plugin-free, very fast and swallows Markdown files.

Each post is a text file formatted with Markdown. If I want to publish the post, I regenerate the page on my computer and upload it to the server via FTP. So I can see what everything will look like beforehand and have complete control over my blog. In addition, it remains portable and I don't have to worry about databases or how I can get my data out of them. I learned my lesson after moving from Wordpress.
The comments are at Disqus and therefore also portable, which I find totally sniffed.

The articles are created in one of my two favorite text editors. If I want to write primarily, I do it in FoldingText, I need more functionality, such as pairing, completions, scripts, etc. I do that in TextMate. Text expander helps me with recurring items like the post header, my star ratings or bar charts.

When the post is ready, I let Brett Terpstra's search link script run over it, which enriches my article with the appropriate links and the arbor is ready.

Now and then there are mine Excursions on the webwhat fully automated link posts are. Links that I think are worth sharing in Pinboard are tagged with a specific tag and given a short description. Every now and then I start a script that checks whether at least five new such links have been added. If this is the case, this script automatically builds a blog post from it, which I can publish almost unseen. After the initial setup, a great timesaver, because what I find so widespread in a link, I know best the second I bookmark it and not two weeks later. The basic script, which still had to be adapted for my Octopress installation, can also be found at Brett Terpstra.

At this point it should be emphasized how happy I am with my posts Not to write in a browser window of a blog backend.

I hardly do any research, except look up a few details in the IMDB or Wikipedia.

Bookmarks that I regularly surf are in Chrome, the rest of them recently in Pinboard.

Where do you collect your blog ideas?

90% of my posts are created in my editor the moment I feel like writing about them. A few topics, such as year-end lists, my TV awards or large articles for a complete series, I regularly add to a text file when a new knowledge comes along. These blog ideas are in my digital notepad, which is a folder with several hundred text files in the Dropbox, which I manage and edit on the computer with nvAlt and on the phone with Notesy. (I have already written down how this works exactly.)

What is your best time-saving trick / shortcut for blogging / on the internet?

Write your texts locally and not in a text field in the browser, automate what you can with scripts or text snippets. For example, I have an Automator Action on the desktop on which I throw my pictures. These are then resized to my desired width, thrown into the appropriate folder and generate the code that I need to include the image in my clipboard. Such things - besides automatically inserting search links or similar. - save me a lot of time.

Do you use a to-do list app? Which?

Not really. At least not for daily tasks. I have a task paper list for series and films that I still want to see, a text file in which I document what I have seen with a brief evaluation and should I actually have a lot of little things to do, they either come in the listary or in my little notebook.

Aside from the phone and computer, is there a device you can't live without?

Record player (with stereo), refrigerator, stove, Boston shaker. Otherwise I am amazingly device-free.

Is there anything you can do better than others?

Thinking analytically, opening up new areas of knowledge, packing pop-cultural opinions into 140 characters, collecting gifs and shoes, messing around and yes, I'm pretty good at that with the Amazon wish list.

What is your musical accompaniment to blogging?

No matter what. I listen to music anytime and anywhere when I'm not listening to podcasts. Of course, that doesn't work with writing. If I have to concentrate on my work, there is either electronic music or music that I know inside out and that doesn't make me feel distracted by the lyrics.

What's your sleep rhythm - owl or nightingale?

If I could always do what I and my body wanted, I would definitely be a night owl. But since I have things to do during the day and the woman would like to have her breakfast in the morning (and eating together is one of the most important things for me if you don't see each other during the day) I force myself to bed around 2:00 am and stand shortly before 07:00 on again. 5 hours of sleep have been enough for me for a long time. I think sleeping is a waste of time.
In any case, I'm most productive after dark.

More introverted or extroverted?

Introvert. If I have nothing to say, I'll leave it too. Few people share my interests to the extent that I am, so I enjoy expressing my opinion in various online channels. Very few people I know privately deal so intensively with the things that are important to me.

However, if I indulge in my other passion, the good drinks, I drop my covers and let everyone who is not in the trees by three be allowed to spend the rest of the night.

Who should answer these questions?

Anyone who has something to say about it.

The best advice you ever got?

“Just don't start studying math. That cost me 10 years of my life and didn't bring me much. " - my father

10 years later I know exactly what he means. (Because I didn't take his advice.)

Anything else important?

Talk and write about what's close to your heart, don't mince your words, don't let it ban you, ignore idiots and watch more good TV and movies that are older than you (or your parents) and leave every now and then the beaten path of the mainstream. There is so much good unpolished to experience.

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