Are wireless devices harmful to us

Electromagnetic radiation dangerous?

This is how parents can reduce radiation

There is still little research into whether cell phone radiation has long-term effects on the health of babies and small children. Dr. Gunde Ziegelberger therefore recommends parents to minimize radiation in everyday life.

1. Keep your distance: If the little ones are allowed to play on their smartphone or tablet, the device is better placed on the table. "The further the device is away from the body, the lower the radiation exposure," says the expert. If you are on the phone, it is best to do so with a headset. And when you are out and about, the devices should not be worn directly on the body, for example in your trouser pocket.

2. Play offline: When children play on the smartphone or tablet, parents can choose programs for them that do not have to be permanently online. There is no radiation in offline mode.

3. Device-free zone: In the bedroom and children's room, it is better to do without cell phones, tablets or other electrical devices. The baby monitor must be? Then place the transmitter about half a meter away from the baby.

4. Pay attention to the seal: "Cell phones with a low SAR value (specific absorption value) are considered to have low radiation and are awarded the Blue Angel," says Ziegelberger. If you want to know the exact SAR value of your mobile phone, you can find out more at, the website of the Federal Office for Radiation Protection.

5. Use WLAN: Where possible, your mobile phone or tablet should connect to the WLAN instead of aiming for the nearest radio mast via the contract provider. “The shorter the distance the device has to cover, the less it shines,” says Ziegelberger.

6. Retrieve data manually: Always turn off background traffic, such as receiving mail. In general, the worse the reception, the more transmission power the cell phone has to generate and the more it radiates.