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var mapElement = document.getElementById ('map_1688699328'); // Create the Google Map using our element and options defined above var map = new google.maps.Map (mapElement, mapOptions); // execute markers // Multiple Markers var markers = [['', 48.2114245,16.3733805, '

Resonance digital

Get to know us', '', 'true']]; // Display multiple markers on a map var infoWindow = new google.maps.InfoWindow (), marker, i; // Loop through our array of markers & place each one on the map for (i = 0; i < markers.length;="" i++="" )="" {="" var="" position="new" google.maps.latlng(markers[i][1],="" markers[i][2]);="" bounds.extend(position);="" marker="new" google.maps.marker({="" position:="" position,="" map:="" map,="" title:="" markers[i][0],="" icon:="" markers[i][4]="" });="" allow="" each="" marker="" to="" have="" an="" info="" window="" google.maps.event.addlistener(marker,="" 'click',="" (function(marker,="" i)="" {="" return="" function()="" {="" infowindow.setcontent(markers[i][3]);="" infowindow.open(map,="" marker);="" }="" })(marker,="" i));="" if="" (markers[i][5]="" !='' )="" {="" google.maps.event.trigger(marker,="" 'click')="" }="" automatically="" center="" the="" map="" fitting="" all="" markers="" on="" the="" screen="" if="" (markers.length=""> 1) {map.fitBounds (bounds); }} if (markers.length> 1) {// Override our map zoom level once our fitBounds function runs (Make sure it only runs once) var boundsListener = google.maps.event.addListener ((map), 'bounds_changed', function (event) {//this.setZoom(15); google.maps.event.removeListener (boundsListener);}); }}});