Would you sell your body for money

Rent, clothes, cell phone: many students cannot make ends meet with their money. Some even drive money worries to part-time jobs that went too far for many.

Many people struggle with money problems during their studies. When there is no financial support from home, many students stumble. In order not to get into debt, some students therefore resort to lucrative additional income: Around 3.7 percent prostitute themselves for money. This is the result of a survey by the preparatory college in Berlin.

High hourly wages lead to prostitution

Around 3,000 men and women studying at Berlin universities were surveyed. Among the respondents, it is not only female students who earn their living with sex - male students prostitute themselves equally. The type of sexual service ranges from prostitution in the narrower sense (more than 50 percent) to escort services with sexual interaction (more than 40 percent) to SMS services and porn films.

There are various reasons why a surprising number of students prostitute themselves. According to the study, the decisive factors for this special part-time job are higher hourly wages and a financial emergency. The search for adventure and having fun in sex also played a role, but these were less important than the financial reasons.

Good earnings with downsides

A student who also prostitutes herself reports in the magazine "Vice" about her lucrative part-time job. "The advantages of my extra income are really good: I can completely change my clothes every month and my first payment to a new customer is for an expensive handbag or Louboutins. Most of the time, the guys buy me what I want anyway, "said the 25-year-old. Also expensive trips to London or Dubai are included.

With her part-time job She allegedly earns 46,000 euros a year with her services. The downside of this business: In return, she has to be ready for all sexual acts that she "probably wouldn't even do with a steady relationship partner".

A third of all students can imagine sex work

But even these negative sides do not deter many. Because the Berlin study also presents this astonishing result: Around a third of all students surveyed can imagine earning money with sex work. And that despite the risk that the family and fellow students will find out about their job from the dirty corner and condemn them for it.

The study also shows, however, that most of the respondents who see this type of part-time job already know people who sell their bodies for sex. Therefore, the authors of the study suspect that "personal contacts reduce the inhibition threshold for entry".

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