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Translation of "pet" in Spanish

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- You have to be yours domestic animal return.
Tienes que traer a tu mascota de vuelta.
Maybe Tucker was his little one domestic animal.
- Massey. Bueno, quizá Tucker era su pequeña mascota.
I'm not a domestic animalbut a woman.
Lucifer wanted to be my brother in domestic animal transform.
Lucifer iba a convertir a mi hermano en su mascota.
Your domestic animal is not dangerous at all.
Do mascota no es peligrosa después de todo.
Grooming for pets only $ 5 each domestic animal
Kuidado Kompleto de mascotas solo a $ 5 por mascota
Hope your domestic animal is poisonous.
Espero que tu mascota esté vacunada.
You speak of a dead person domestic animal?
¿Vas a hablar de la mascota muerta?
You have a domestic animal and beer.
I think he could domestic animal to be from someone.
Creo que podría ser la mascota de alguien.
Before that time I was a domestic animal my master Yoshi.
Antes de eso, era la mascota de mi Maestro Yoshi.
- A direwolf isn't one domestic animal.
Please don't tell me that you are a domestic animal want.
Dios. No me digas que quieres una mascota.
You want your human domestic animal back?
¿Quieres a tu mascota humana de vuelta?
Nothing brings a family together like a new one domestic animal.
Nada une a una familia, como una nueva mascota.
So she had an incubus as domestic animal.
Por lo tanto, tenía a un Incubus de mascota.
That's why I wanted my own domestic animal.
That is yours domestic animal Lucian who saved your daughter's life.
Ese seria tu mascota Lucían, el que salvo la vida de tu hija hoy.
It is not domestic animal, Cisco.
As domestic animal she has a toothless baby alligator named Gummy.
Pinkie también tiene una mascota, un cocodrilo bebé sin served llamado Gummy.
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