The decision you made had ripple effects

How has Sara John Diggle's gender changed in the alternate timeline?

Time changed from the moment Barry changed forward. Everything before death is the same. Everyone who was already alive lived on. But from then on, time moves on and everything could change due to the new decisions. The further away from the event, the more things change.

In this timeline, it is likely that John and the little mother made different decisions and received at a different time. And chance chance that another sperm won the race. Each sperm has different DNA payloads. Like any egg. Since a baby is essentially the result of several random mutations of the combined sperm and egg, any change in the timeline can change the outcome.

Since Sara was born in October and John was born in November, John Sr. and Lyla must have conceived at a different time.

Check out how Barry changed the timeline in Season 2. Hartley went from being a psycho villain to an occasional helpful friend. Any change in the past has ripple effects.


Agreed to change a person's behavior, after all, doppelganger is a bad twin. But in no other case have we seen a person sex reassigned!


@cincout a doppelganger doesn't mean angry. Earth 2 Barry, for example, is not angry. Many are not. But as I said, Sara and John are the only ones born after the day Nora died. You're the only ones who could change the gender based on what happened after Nora didn't die.


It makes sense that the children would be born after Nora's death.