Can we remove dents from a cell phone?

5 tips to remove scratches on the screen of your smartphone

Tip 1: Better safe than sorry

You should take good precautions so that the smartphone screen does not get scratched in the first place. You can use a display film that can be bought in stores for your specific device. You stick this on the screen. In this way, the display remains free of cracks for the time being, even if the film gets a few scratches. We also recommend protecting your smartphone with a case. If it falls on the floor, the display will not be reached immediately. And you should also observe this basic rule: Remove the cell phone screen as far as possible from sharp objects in your pocket, such as the front door key. Another way to protect your phone from scratches is to use liquid screen protectors.

Tip 2: home remedies toothpaste

The home remedy toothpaste can help with very slight scratches. Since it consists of particles that are suitable for polishing and grinding, it can help remove scratches from a display. It is particularly important to use a good toothpaste and not to fall back on the cheapest copy. To remove scratches, apply a small amount of the toothpaste to a thin cloth, then use a circular motion to buff the display. Important: If you use this trick, special care is required! After all, toothpaste actually has a different purpose. In the worst case, scratches can even be enlarged. Therefore, you should only use the home remedy for slight cracks.