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Configure local IP telephony

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Configure the local IP telephony access data on your Internet-Box and your SIP telephone.

Local IP telephony access data

With the "Local IP telephony access data" function, you can also use your Swisscom landline number with third-party SIP-enabled devices or corresponding software (max. 10 accesses). The SIP standard (Session Initiation Protocol) is a communication protocol used primarily for Internet telephony (VoIP).


The SIP telephones must be connected to your Internet-Box at home. The use of the function requires a correct configuration on the affected end devices. For personal advice, please contact our paid support.

Make calls using the Home app

With the telephony function of the Home app, you can conveniently receive and make landline calls via the app at home in the home network. The app behaves like an additional IP landline telephone (handset).

Configure Internet-Box

For each SIP device used, you must create an account with an individual user name and password in the Internet-Box's web portal. All other parameters are automatically generated by Swisscom and listed in the web portal.

To configure the local access data for IP telephony, enter http: //internetbox.home or in your browser. This will take you to the Internet-Box's web portal. Please note that you have to be connected to your WLAN at home for this.

Configure the SIP telephone

After you have prepared your access data for SIP telephony in the Internet-Box's web portal, you must enter the access data in your SIP device. Below are some installation examples. Please note that the exact names of the parameters may differ depending on the provider. In the following picture instructions we always use the same example values.

The wired Snom D715 telephone supports the "Power Over Ethernet" function. It is therefore sold without its own power supply unit. For the Snom D715 to work with the Internet-Box, you need a 5 V / 2.1 A power supply unit.

  • Determine the local IP address

    1. Go to the web portal (enter http: // internetbox or in the browser) and click on the "Network" menu.
    2. Select the "Device List" option.
    3. Make a note of the IP address of the Snom D715 as shown in the example.