How long does it take to create a web server

Linux and open source

Set up a web server on your home PC

The easiest way to bring a website to the Internet is to have a Linux server in your home. You can use the Linux PC that you are already using for this. However, this then has to run all day so that your website is accessible at all times. Standard PCs with a power consumption of 100 watts or more are unfavorable for the electricity bill. Notebooks or mini PCs like the Raspberry Pi are more economical.

Install server software: You need an HTTP server so that your PC can deliver websites. The Apache HTTP server is usually used under Linux. Most content management systems also require the PHP script language and the My SQL database. You install the necessary packages either via the software management of the Linux distribution or in a terminal window:

sudo apt-get install apache2 php5
php5-mysql mysql-server open

Then install with sudo apt-get install phpmyadmin the administration tool for My-SQL databases. Individual content management systems may require additional packages, such as Perl or Python. Information on this can be found in the respective installation instructions.

To test the installation, type in the browser http: // localhost a. You will then see the standard page of the Apache web server with the message "It works!".