How is tungsten made


Tungsten is a chemical element that is listed under the atomic number 74 and the symbol W in the periodic table of the elements. It falls under the transition metals, such as silver and titanium. Tungsten has different properties which, in addition to numerous other uses, also qualify it for the production of high-quality and attractive jewelry. Tungsten is glossy white and has a brittle consistency when it is in its pure state. What made tungsten famous is the highest melting point of all metals, which is why the heavy metal is used in incandescent lamps. In addition to its main use in the lighting industry, tungsten is also used to shield radiation. Because of its high density, which almost approaches that of gold, tungsten is also a popular material for additional weights, e.g. B. in racing to realize. In the jewelry sector, tungsten is mainly used in rings because its grayish color makes it an interesting raw material. In connection with carbon, tungsten carbide is created, an intermediate crystal phase which, along with diamond, is one of the hardest known materials and is also used in the manufacture of robust, high-quality jewelry.

Features of tungsten jewelry

Tungsten jewelry does not tarnish, does not oxidize and has a very long lifespan. However, it can still happen that if the ring falls, for example, it can break. This can be influenced by various factors, including the fact that the ring is under great tension due to the hardness of the material. Thus, not every fall will cause the ring to break, but it can happen.

Due to the hardness of the material, tungsten rings can only be engraved by laser and it is unfortunately not possible to change the stone setting (if any).

How long does the black coating last

The blackening is applied to the piece of jewelery using the Ionic Black Plating process (IBP). Unfortunately, you cannot specify a period here! Because this depends on many different factors. If the coating gets a deeper scratch, the material underneath comes to light. The coating can also wear off through contact with other objects. The time period does not matter here. In the case of rings in particular, the coating will wear off comparatively quickly, as rings come into contact with other objects more often than e.g. B. a chain.

Proper care

In general, tungsten jewelry can simply be treated with soap, water and a soft cloth. In the case of heavier soiling, you can also prepare soapy water and let your piece of jewelery "soak" in it for a few minutes. However, be careful not to use any aggressive cleaning agents. Chemicals such as ammonia, chlorine or bleach can cause lasting damage to your piece of jewelry.

Will scratches / signs of wear appear over time?

Jewelry is an object of everyday life and is therefore exposed to physical and climatic influences. These influences can be transferred to the piece of jewelry and leave traces.

Matt surfaces could get shiny traces and shiny surfaces could get matt in return.

Depending on the material, deeper scratches are also possible (especially on softer materials such as silver, gold, etc.). These signs of wear are dependent on the activities of the wearer or on the objects that the piece of jewelry hits, the period of time does not matter.

Traces of wear make your jewelry unique and therefore your personal piece of jewelry. In the whole world there is no material from which jewelry is made that does not show any signs of wear.