What are the HRCI certification courses

What is SHRM Certification?

SHRM certification is the certification process where HR professionals or college graduates enjoy qualifications and are measured along with their peers for their knowledge and commitment to the profession. SHRM certification is offered by the Society for Human Resources Management, an international career organization led and supported by human resource professionals. The designation of the SHRM certificate is the official recognition of the personnel specialist in this network.

HR professionals or graduates from a recognized HR degree can obtain SHRM certification after demonstrating knowledge and experience of HR work through successful participation in the rigorous assessment and testing process. The SHRM contains the guidelines and objectives that must be met. The guidelines are changed every year due to changes in employment practices and laws to meet the demands of the future of human capital management.

In addition to providing SHRM certification guidelines, the Society for Human Resources Management has established a number of levels for certification itself. The certification levels are based on two factors - years of experience in HR work and the ability to pass a demanding exam. The levels set by the SHRM include PHR (Professional in Human Resources), SPHR (Senior Professional in Human Resources) and GPHR (Global Professional in Human Resources). A fourth category has recently been added, the PHR-CA or SPHR-CA, a designation required by the State of California.

The Society for Human Resource Management works with an outside testing company, the HRCI or Human Resource Certification Institute, to evaluate and manage the tests for SHRM certification. As a rule, this test is only offered twice a year, in the summer months (May-June) and then again in winter (December-January). This gives staff graduates and professionals the opportunity to prepare for the SHRM certification exam at an early stage.

Achieving the SHRM certificate often requires months of in-depth HR training and studies before testing can be conducted. Once the HR professional is successful with the test, they must have been employed in HR for at least two years in order to provide this evidence. Certification is maintained by earning Continuous Education Credits (CEUs) for the remainder of this certification document.

While there are other human resources certification programs offered by various HR organizations and schools, none are rated higher than SHRM certification. The designation as PHR, SPHR, GPHR or CA has a high priority in the community of HR professionals. The name of the SHRM certificate is often requested or preferred by both employers and HR organizations.