Your smartphone makes money for you

Apps for micro jobs: earn money with your smartphone?

Collecting points is very time consuming

The review shows: Collecting enough points for a voucher or credit is very time-consuming. With the “Goldesel” app, at least 5,000 points are required for a payout of five euros. Most of the tasks, however, only earn points in the one- or two-digit range. For example, users often only get around 30 points for downloading a given app. In addition, the points for tasks carried out were not always credited - the reasons for this remain unclear to the microjobbers.

It is similar with the other two micro-job apps "Cash Pirate" and "Gift Wallet" that were checked: Here, collecting the points is even more arduous. During the test period of several weeks it was not possible to get a number of points with which a voucher could have been redeemed.

Points earned for micro jobs will not be paid out

Users of the “Goldesel” app complain that the operator is not paying out the points they have earned. This is also confirmed by the review by the market watchdog team. In May 2019, the team applied for a five-euro voucher. But even after several months of waiting, the voucher was missing.

When asked, the customer service of “Goldesel” replied that the delivery of a voucher could take some time. All further inquiries have remained unanswered to this day.

This is obviously not an isolated case: The negative comments in the Google Play Store suggest that many users have already had similar experiences.

App data used for aggressive advertising

For many micro jobs you have to reveal your data. E-mail address and telephone number are often mandatory information for completing tasks. Shortly after participating in competitions and surveys in the “Goldesel” app, the market watchdog team received aggressive advertising calls. In addition, within four weeks more than 10,000 advertising emails were sent to a single email account that was set up specifically for this purpose.

The advertising e-mails come from e-mail marketing companies to which the microjobbers have given no consent to the use of their data. Because the data protection declarations and conditions of participation for the competitions or surveys do not cover disclosure to these advertising partners.

We have summarized for you what you can do against spam e-mails and where you can complain.

You can also report unwanted advertising calls directly to the Federal Network Agency using your own complaint form.

Microjob apps: tips for making money on your mobile phone

If you want to earn a little extra with micro-job apps or work out vouchers, find out beforehand whether the apps are reputable or not. Otherwise, you run the risk of your personal data ending up with companies who misuse it for advertising purposes.

  1. A good indication of the seriousness of an app can include critical comments and Reviews from other users be in the app shops. Please note, however, that reviews can also be fake. It therefore always makes sense to also look for reviews outside the app stores.
  2. In general, you should always use your own data sparingly with apps for micro jobs.
  3. Microjob apps do not offer real and predictable additional income. But if you want to earn vouchers or small amounts of money with small orders, you can achieve this with serious microjobs.
  4. In any case, before registering with apps for microjobs, it is worth researching what value the respective provider offers for completing the microjobs. This is the only way to estimate the cost-benefit ratio.