What weighs 2,000 lbs

The kilogram is the SI base unit of mass
The unit symbol is kg and the formula symbol is mass m.

On earth, 1 kilogram is mass × acceleration due to gravity G = 1 kilopond of force
and so is 1 kg × 9.80665 m / s2 = 1 kp
See also: Strength units
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Conversions of other weight units

The question: "How much or what does a kilo weigh?" is very easy to answer.
The kilopond is out of date and has not been used since 1960.
Colloquially, the mass of a body is inexactly referred to as "weight".
Weight force is the type of force that we are constantly dealing with in everyday life.
A kilopond = 1 kg weighs exactly one kilogram = 1 kg. If you want to know more:
1960 was the Power unit kilopond replaced by the Newton in the SI system (1 kp = 9.80665 N).
One newton corresponds roughly to the weight of a body on our earth
with a mass of 1 / 9.81 kg = 102 grams - i.e. a bar of chocolate. 1 N ≈ 100 grams.
The mass (1 Newton) is location-independent, the weight (100 grams) is location-specific!

The acceleration due to gravity at sea level is around the equator G = 9.780 m / s2, at the 45th parallel G = 9.80665 m / s2 and on
Pol about G = 9.832 m / s2. Ever H = 1 meter height increases G by about 3 x 10-6 m / s2 from as long as H is small compared to the radius of the earth.

corresponds to
bushel USbuameric. bushel35.239 L.4 US pecks
bushel UKUK buengl. bushel36.37 l4 UK pecks
bushel corn USbuBushel of corn25.4012 kg56 lbs
bushel oats USbuBushel of oats14.5149 kg32 lbs
bushel soybeans USbuBushels of soybeans27.2155 kg60 lbs
bushel wheat USbuBushel of wheat27.2155 kg60 lbs
hundredweight UScwtameric. Hundredweight45.3592 kg100 lbs
hundredweight UKUK cwtengl. Hundredweight50.80234544 kg112 lbs
poundlbengl. lb0.45359237 kg16 oz
balebBale of cotton216.817 kg478 lbs
ounce avozounce28.34952313 g18,229 dwt (pennyweight)
troy ounceoz trTroy ounce31.1034768 g20 dwt (penny weight)
short tonestTon (short)907.18474 kg2000 lbs = 20 cwt
metric tonemtTon (metric)1000 kg2204.62442 lbs
long toneaccording toBarrel (long)1016.0469088 kg2240 lbs
gallon USUS galameric. gallon3.785411784 L.4 US liq qt (quarts)
gallon UKUK galengl. gallon4.546087 L.4 UK qt (quarts)
oil (ptr) barrel USbblameric. Barrel of oil158.9872 L.42 US gal
British thermal unitBtuengl. Thermal unit1055.06 joules251.948 cal.
inchin ''inch2.54 cm1/36 yard, 1000 mils
footft 'foot30.48 cm1/3 yard, 12 inch
yardydrod91.44 cm3 feet, 36 inches
square footsq.ft.Square feet929.0304 cm2ft. × ft., 1/9 sq. yd.
board footbd.ft.Board volume measurement2359.74 cm31 sq.ft. × 1 inch

Weight conversion table

Unit namesymbolConverted to SI unit kg
Atomic mass unit (residual electron mass)m 0, m e9,10938 · 10-31 kg
Assay tone 2,9167 · 10-2 kg
Atomic mass unit (1 H)u, uma, Da (1 H), AMU1,67353 · 10-27 kg
Atomic mass unit (12 C)u, uma, Da (12 C), AMU1,66054 · 10-27 kg
Atomic mass unit (16 O)u, uma, Da (16 O), AMU1,66001 · 10-27 kg
Attogramag1 · 10-21 kg
Avogram 1,66036 · 10-24 kg
bag (UK, cement) 42.6377 kg
Carat (metric)ct.2 · 10-4 kg
Carat (troy)ct (troy)2,05197 · 10-4 kg
CentalcH, cwt45.3592 kg
Centigramcg1 · 10-5 kg
Dalton (atomic mass unit)u, uma, Da1,66054 · 10-27 kg
Decagramdag1 · 10-2 kg
decigramdg1 · 10-4 kg
Dram (troy)dr (troy)3,88793460 · 10-3 kg
Dram or drachm (apothecary)dr (ap.), dr (apoth.)3,8879346 · 10-3 kg
Dram or drachm (avoirdupois)dr (av.), dr (avdp)1,77185195625 · 10-3 kg
Residual electron mass (a.u. of mass)m 0, m e9.10939x10-3 kg
ExagramEg1 · 1015 kg
Femtogramfg1 · 10-18 kg
Gamma (mass)G1 · 10-9 kg
Geepound (slug)slug14.5939 kg
GigagramGg1 · 106 kg
Grain (apothecary)gr (apoth.), gr (ap.)6,47989111 · 10-5 kg
Grain (avoirdupois)gr (av.)6,47989111 · 10-5 kg
Grain (troy)gr (troy)6,47989111 · 10-5 kg
GramG1 · 10-3 kg
Hectogramed0.1 kg
Hundredweight (large or long)cH, cwt, lg cwt50.802345440 kg
Hundredweight (net or short)sh. cwt45.3592370 kg
Hundredweight (UK, avoirdupois)cwt (av.)50.80234544 kg
HylHyl, hyl9.80665 kg
kilogramkg1 kg
Kilopound (kip)kip453.592 kg
Load (UK) 587.856 kg
Load (UK, wool) 952.544 kg
Long ton (UK)lg ton (UK)1016.05 kg
MegagramMg1000 kg
Metric slug (hyl)mug9.80665 kg
Microgramsµg1 · 10-9 kg
milligrammg1 · 10-6 kg
MKpS mass unit 9.80665 kg
Mug (hyl, metric clug, par, TME)mug9.80665 kg
Nanogramng1 · 10-12 kg
Ounce (apothecary) = ounceoz (apoth.), oz (ap.)3,110347680 · 10-2 kg
Ounce (avoirdupois) = ounceoz (advp.), oz (av.)2,8349523130 · 10-2 kg
Ounce (troy) = ounceoz (troy)3,110347680 · 10-2 kg
Par (hyl, mug, metric slug)par9.806650 kg
Pennyweight (troy)dwt (troy)1,55517384 · 10-3 kg
petagramPg1 · 1012 kg
Picogrampg1 · 10-15 kg
poundlb0.453592370 kg
Pound (avoirdupois)lb (av.)0.453592370 kg
Pound (troy)lb (troy), lb (tr.)0.37324172160 kg
Pound (UK, new hay)lb (UK, new hay)0.272155 kg
Pound (UK, obsolete hay)lb (UK, obsolete hay)0.291595 kg
Pound (UK, straw)lb (UK, straw)0.453592370 kg
Pound (US)lb (US)0.453592370 kg
Quarter (UK, mass) 12.70058636 kg
Quarter (US, long) 254.012 kg
Quarter (US, short) 226.796 kg
Quintal (metric)q100 kg
Quintal (US, UK)quint.45.3592 kg
Sack (UK, weight) 158.757 kg
Scruple (UK, US, apoth.)s, scr (ap.)1,2959782 · 10-3 kg
Short ton (US, ton)sh. volume907.185 kg
Slug (geepound) 14.59390294 kg
Stone (UK)st (UK)6.350293180 kg
Stone (UK, wool)st (UK, wool)5.6699 kg
TeragramDay1 · 109 kg
Ton (metric)t1000 kg
Tone (UK, long)UK tone, lg tone1016.05 kg
Tone (US, short) 907.185 kg
Ton (metric)t1000 kg
Truss 16.3293 kg
Yoctogramyg1 · 10-27 kg
YottagramYg1 · 1021 kg
Zeptogramzg1 · 10-24 kg
ZettagramZg1 · 1018 kg

Note: The Winchester "Bushel" formerly used in England contained 2150.42 cubic inches = 4 pecks = 35.23907166 88 liters,
what the volume of a cylinder is, with 181/2 inches in inner diameter and 8 inches in depth. A standard bushel,
introduced by the US government consisted of 77.6274 pounds of distilled water, at 39.8 degrees
Fahrenheit and 30 inches of atmospheric pressure, which was equivalent to the Winchester bushel. The
Imperial bushel now used in England is larger than the Winchester bushel and corresponds to
2218.2 cubic inches or 80 pounds of water at 62 degrees Fahrenheit = 0.03636872 m3.

In the USA, a kip is a unit of mass that is 1000 avoirdupois pounds.

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