What are favorite hiking pants

With my favorite hiking pants over hill and dale

When we go to the mountains, we know that it will be exhausting. This effort is part of being happy on the summit. But if bad or unsuitable equipment is causing some of that effort, then something has gone wrong.

Functional and figure-hugging

When it comes to mountaineering, my equipment is less dependent on the current fashion trend. It is important to me that clothing is primarily functional and therefore fulfills its intended purpose. The mountain trousers Helix by Rab do both: they offer functionality and a figure-hugging, fashionable cut. The nice thing is that Rab also offers an extra-long version for my long legs, so that there is no impression of “flooding” and ticks really don't have a chance in summer.

It takes time to get wet, but then it dries again quickly

The two-way stretch of the Helix is ​​particularly comfortable to wear when hiking: when climbing, it gives way on the thigh and knee, both in the direction from top to bottom and to the side. This allows harmonious movements with comparatively little expenditure of energy. Hiking pants should be loose and airy on the leg, but also not sag. Jeans, which you see again and again in the mountains, are not suitable for this, for example, because they are often too thick, hardly give in or sit very tight. In addition, denim dries very slowly when the pants get a downpour. The Helix is ​​definitely the better choice.

In the mountains, Michaela prefers to wear the mountain trousers Helix by Rab

In a light drizzle, the waterproofing of the pants keeps the rain out for a while. To do this, of course, you have to treat them appropriately after each wash. But even if the pants really get really wet, the synthetic fiber dries quickly in a light wind on the body or in the drying room of a hut.

A pair of trousers that someone thought about when they were designed

Rab has also come up with a few practical details. There is a pocket on the right thigh in which a DAV hiking map fits perfectly. There is still room for a mobile phone. I find it practical that you can roll up the trousers to Capri trousers and fix them with a loop and a button. This is helpful if there is an opportunity for a little footbath during the hike or if it should get warmer than expected. So even warm days can be survived well.

My conclusion

Hiking pants that are great fun in summer because they are comfortable to wear and can be rolled up into airy Capri pants on hot days. The fact that the waistband of the trousers is more in the hip area is not every woman's thing, but for me they have clearly become my favorite trousers.