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EU: 2 year minimum penalty for computer crime

In the whole of the European Union, unauthorized entry into computer systems is to be punished more severely in the future. The draft of a new EU directive provides for a prison sentence of at least two years, which is based on the corresponding legislation in Great Britain. In certain cases, the minimum sentence can even be increased to five years. This would be the result in particularly severe cases, for example if a large-scale attack is carried out with botnets or if the damage caused is very high.

"This involves serious criminal acts, some of which can even be classified in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčorganized crime," explained Monika Hohlmeier, rapporteur for the EU Parliament on the matter. Because one is already in a situation in which private persons, companies and the public are caused annually by computer crime in the billions.

The new directive should come into force as soon as possible. The schedule currently stipulates that the EU Parliament and the European Council will give their approval by the summer. It would then be up to the member states to adapt their national legislation to the new EU directive.

In addition to the two minimum sentences of two and five years, the draft also stipulates that certain methods automatically lead to a tightening of the sentence. For example, a perpetrator who fakes the identity of another user via IP spoofing and thus brings him into the sights of the investigators should be punished with at least three years in prison.

Furthermore, it has an aggravating effect if a perpetrator is part of organized crime or if his target is a critical infrastructure such as the power grid. Furthermore, it is relatively clearly defined that less serious cases that basically did not cause any harm can go unpunished.

With the EU directive, however, the discussion about the so-called hacker paragraph will flare up again. Because the draft also provides for criminalizing the sale of tools that can be used to commit criminal offenses. However, this is usually about software that is a daily tool for administrators and developers. Internet, hacker, laptop, Illegalwellnews.ru

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