How has our written communication improved?

Communicating in writing is difficult!

Our answers

1. Written exchange of blows

Instead of writing a lot of messages in a short time, it is more productive if the parties seek direct, personal conversation with one another. This should also be encouraged by viewers.

2. Reaction to long texts

The ability to “actively listen” plays a crucial role: what we use in verbal communication, i.e. letting the other person finish and listening to everything the person says, can also be used in written communication. Read the entire text. If certain passages trigger me, read the text without these passages. Do not answer immediately, but sleep on it for a night if necessary.

If the author spends a lot of time on a text, then a thoughtful answer is very likely expected. We run the risk of confusing importance with urgency and respond quickly to the few points that trigger us, other than taking the time for an accentuated answer.

3. Generalization of the discussion

This is where those involved should seek a personal conversation. Obviously there are such differences that a larger platform is sought for the discussion. The risk of it getting personal here is much greater.

4. Talk to team members about unpleasant things

So if I am bothered by what a team member says, there comes a point where I feel like we're not aligned. Because we interpret the same information differently, because we have different information, because we apply different standards of evaluation, because our value systems are different or a million other reasons. It is my goal that the best decision for Sandstorm is made and I see this at risk with the statement of the team member. However, if I also assume that the other team member wants to make the best decision about Sandstorm and themselves as a person, then I want to help her / him with my feedback by sharing information or assessments that the other team member does not already have Has.

Conversely, if someone comes to me with feedback, they want to help me make a better decision. If this feedback is conveyed with appreciation, then even difficult topics can be addressed and clarified personally.

If the direct personal conversation is not possible or not desired, I can ask a third party to act as moderator.